Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: December 2009

The Only Chocolate Brownie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

The Only Chocolate Brownie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

I stand by my outrageous claim that this is indeed, the best brownie recipe ever. In the world. I have made it countless times and it never fails to impress. It’s moist, rich, delicious hot or cold and thoroughly and deeply chocolatey.  It’s easy to make too. There’s no double-baking and not even a pinch of cocoa or coffee granules involved. This recipe wins out over all others because it’s made with excessive amounts of real chocolate. The result is a satisfying and tangible chocolate flavour.

The skill for this recipe is knowing when to take it out of the …

Christmas Spiced Nuts


IMG_5773I must pass on my thanks and a kick in the shin to Nigella Lawson for passing on this recipe – the bar snacks at Union Square apparently. I’m sure they are responsible for at least 1 of the obligatory 3 pounds I put on over Christmas time. These make excellent edible Christmas gifts for teachers, neighbours, postmen and hairdressers. That is if they make it out of your kitchen.

Spiced Bar Nuts Recipe

2 cups of raw nuts
2 tbs chopped rosemary
2 tsp salt
2-3 tsp brown sugar (or maybe some more depending on your taste)…

Shortbread Rosettes

I have a dead line.

I need to find the best shortbread recipe in time for Christmas. Want to give pre-school teachers a little bag of thank you and I thought home made rosettes of butter, flour and sugar might do the trick.

I tried a few recipes.

I failed a few times.

But moving on, it seemed I would never find that elusive blend of texture and flavour. Just the right amount of crumble and crisp. Must look good.

I tried Martha Stewart and I tried the internet, but in the end I went for the Woman’s Weekly Butterscotch …

Sugared Nuts

I am making a few home-made treats for the family for Christmas this year, and one of those will be some sugared almonds for my dad. Many years ago when I visited Croatia, we had stopped by an old family friend’s place for a drink and they served up some home made sugared almonds to have with our coffee. I will never forget them. They were so imperfect and wonderfully sweet and crunchy. They were nothing like the Vienna Almonds you can buy at the store…even though I love those too (I am a massive sucker for nuts  – candied …