Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: January 2010

Apple Muffins

This is the muffin you make when you haven’t got any fancy ingredients in the cupboard, when you only have half an hour to spare and when considering these factors, you have no business making muffins in the first place. No buttermilk needed here people, none of that pesky baking powder AND baking soda nonsense.  Just some good old fashioned flour, butter, milk and eggs ( plus a couple of extras).  The secret to good muffins is DON’T OVER MIX once you have added the wet ingredients. Just mix it enough to combine it all.


Apple Muffin Recipe


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I know…It’s been a while.

You’re all floundering in your kitchens wondering ‘when will Lara be back because I can’t just go on with my life without her hilarious online banter.’

I’ll be back soon.

Hang in there.

PS: Just in case you weren’t sure…yes, I was being sarcastic.…