Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: April 2010

Red Lentil Soup

The weather is cooling down (well, it is in the Southern hemisphere anyway) and so it’s time bring out the soup recipes.

To keep the calorie count down, I have carb-free meals for lunch, as it feels to me the most expendible meal of the day, in terms of deliciousness. Not like breakfast and dinner.

Now don’t get me wrong, this soup is not un-delicious, it is actually really tasty and light. But my point is, it is low fat and low in carbohydrates (unless you eat with bread that is).

Turkish Red Lentil Soup Recipe


1 onion

1 …

Sweet Chilli Pumpkin Soup

This recipe has a special place in my heart. Years ago, I used to own and run a small cafe and sandwich bar with AT and Mum…it was called ‘On a Roll’…get it? Anyway, we had a lovely lady working for us called Kathy and she told me about this Thai Pumpkin Soup that she liked to make. It was so easy to do and a fresh twist on an old favourite that I still use to this day. A little secret I learned when making soups, was that if you saute all the vegetables first, you’ll get a stronger, …

Chicken and Rice

I remember how this dish evolved from a rich red, paprika dish with skin-on chicken leg pieces to a light risotto style meal with breast pieces of chicken. Me and my brother remember the old one wistfully, like some mythical half-remembered dream of our childhood. Then my mum got wise, perhaps we all got chubby, who knows. She realised that while the old version was very tasty it was also very fatty and unnecessarily oily. So she developed the recipe into a light and healthy meal that ticks all the boxes on the nutritional check list.


Chicken and Rice Recipe

Vegetarian Lasagne

I have two lasagne recipes I wish to share with you.

One is my mum’s lasagne, which is known far and wide as THE best lasagne in the world. Ever.

But we must wait for her to make one of these beauties, and for me to photograph the evidence.

Until then, my poorly yet healthy version of this all-time favourite pasta dish will have to suffice.

I cannot vouch for the calorie count of this one. Perhaps I’ll stick it into Calorie King and find out one of these days…but until that day arrives, all I can say is that …