Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: November 2010

Toffee Sauce

I can’t go any longer without sharing this recipe.

It has served me well through out the years and now I need to pass it on and out into the world.

It is possibly THE best toffee/caramel sauce known to humankind.

This sauce should be warmed (in the microwave is ok) and can be served with Sticky Date Pudding, Ice Cream, Banana bread or licked off large spoons.

Toffee Sauce Recipe


1 cup of packed brown sugar

1 cup cream

90g butter

1/2 tsp vanilla


Stick it all in a pot and bring to the boil.

Then simmer …

Pastries worth mentioning

This morning I was up at 4.15am…the sky was dark. I drove by the light of the waning moon.

I was heading out to pick up our make-up artist for our early morning photo shoot for MOTIF Mag .

I couldn’t believe how quickly the sky was growing lighter as I drove to our first location.

I also couldn’t believe how consumed I was with picking up the coffees and pastries for our crew.

Not only did I want make sure I was looking after our girls, but I also couldn’t wait to get my lips around one of Mr …

Sugared Almonds

This is another vintage post, that coming up to the festive season is a great recipe to have on hand for gifts and general (usually compulsive) snacking.

I have chosen the Sugared Almonds post not only for it’s festive feel but also because this recipe will feature in a new project I am involved in.

My cousin Tegan and I have created an online magazine called MOTIF Magazine

It will be free and online only and it will focus on a different theme each issue.

Our launch issue is focused on the theme of NOSTALGIA.

I found it really tricky …

Cornmeal Muffins

Cornbread is not something Aussies make.

I don’t know why because I am sure, on the whole, we would like it.

Whether it’s with chicken and gravy or served up with Thanksgiving meal, cornbread is something we developed a love for on our trips to the US.

I tried it for the first time today and I am so please with the results I wanted to share it with you all ASAP.

I made mine into muffins, easy to eat and freeze!

Cornmeal, Cheese and Corn Muffins


1 cup polenta (or corn meal)

2/3 cup buttermilk

3/4 cup grated …

Vintage Feeding Time

Hi All,

I just wanted to reminisce for a moment.

This apple cake was one of my first posts. It is also one of my favourite recipes.

If you’ve got a tin of apples in the cupboard or some bruised up ones in the fruit bowl, it’s time to make this cake.

This is old school, using plain and simple ingredients (butter, sugar, flour, eggs).

It’s too easy and the results are amazing every time.

It makes the house smell delicious and is best enjoyed straight out of the oven, but will also bring a lot of pleasure either cold …

Catalina’s Orange Cake

My friend made me an orange cake the other day.

It was for no other reason than to say ‘Thank you for being my friend’…

I was deeply moved by this gesture, and so I dedicate this post to my friend, Catalina.

The cake was a hit at home. It was gobbled up in a day.

I asked for the recipe and tried to make it at home but I can’t quite get it as delicious as hers was.

Maybe that’s because hers was a friendship cake.

Maybe it only works that way.

Anyway, I have tried again with a …