Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: December 2010

Christmas Day

Hi all….


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

As usual, I ate too much…from the Christmas Eve foodie gathering with my girlfriends, to Roast Pork on Christmas Day with the family and the days of grazing on sweets and cheeses and left over baking goodies….

My favourites from this year have been Mum’s Cream Cheese and Mango Chutney dip – I’ll have to share this recipe and Catalina’s guacamole and sour cream layered dip. But then again I am also really enjoying the Marscapone Royale as well….

I had to include a photo of my brother’s gal’s Ginger …

Cranberry Christmas Crackles

It seems there’s no end in sight for my Christmas creations this year….Hot on the trail of the peanut butter cups, I decided I had to have some White Christmas.Well, that’s what we call it here in Australia…not sure if anything like it is made around the world. But you see there’s a problem. I don’t really like the ingredients of the traditional White Christmas. No, I’m not talking about coconut the milk powder, I’m talking about the glace cherries, candied citrus and sultanas.So, I figured out a way to enjoy all my favourite parts of this old fashioned slice, …

Recipe Alert! – Homemade peanut butter cups

In the lead up to Christmas  I am all a flutter with my baking and making.

I had decided not to make anything fattening this year, as I have put too much effort in this year to pile on too many pounds over the Christmas period.

And so, here I am.

Making chocolate tarts and peanut butter cups.

A leopard can never change his spots.

So, I have found a pretty decent recipe here at Life in a Peanut Shell Blog

They are a little fiddly, but that is the nature of this recipe, and just one of the hurdles …

Chocolate Tart

I like to call this a lazy person’s chocolate tart.


Because it’s that easy.

If you want to go against the grain for this one, then yes, please go ahead and make your own pastry. For some of us, it’s no trouble.

But either, blind bake some short crust pastry in a smallish tart pan (7/8″)

While that’s cooling….

Chocolate Tart Recipe


200ml cream

200g dark chocolate (chopped)

2 egg yolks

1 tsp of either vanilla, brandy or what ever spirit you’d like (you could use Cointreau for a jaffa flavour or Frangelico for some nutty fun…you get …

Rudolph Cupcakes

There’s not much to say here other than ‘Aaaawwwwww aren’t they cute?’

If I could officially name them, they’d be Rudolph the Red Nosed Cupcake!

I’ve whipped up two double batches this week for the kids school Christmas Parties, and they really don’t take all that long.

Just buy a packet of chocolate cake mix, fill brown muffin patty cases and whip up some buttery icing laced with cocoa.

Grab a packet of raspberry candies, some bullets (chocolate coated licorice) and a packet of white chocolate chips.

If you have the time and patience, use an icing pen filling with …

Prawn Cocktail

Do celebrate the launch of MOTIF Mag I would like to share with my readers the Prawn Cocktail recipe that I have included in the magazine.

I chose a Prawn Cocktail for our NOSTALGIA issue because it is so old fashioned and yet, surprisingly relevant today.

Whether it’s displayed in the vintage martini glass or deconstructed (as in many restaurants these days), you can never go wrong with prawns, avocado and seafood sauce.

You might be thinking I have copped out a bit in simply presenting you with a bunch of ingredients….but actually the recipe I wish to share today …

Melting Moments

As promised, I am here to share my current favourite Christmas cookie – The Melting Moment. These delectable bites really do melt and crumble in your mouth and with a recipe this simple, it’s easy to make them at a moment’s notice (did you get that? did you see what I did there?) I included some hydrangeas in my photo today, because down here, the festive season occurs in the midst of summer when these beautiful plants are flowering.


Melting Moment Recipe


125g butter (softened)
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbs icing sugar
3/4 cup flour
1/4 cup corn flour…

Recipe Alert – Maple Spiced Walnuts

I have antlers on my car this year, a lovely tree, Christmas themed tea-towels in my kitchen and a wreath on my door. I love Christmas. Like many bakers out there, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to bake gifts and try out all the yummy and uber-fattening recipes that I  don’t feel justified making through out the year. Last year I posted a Spiced Nuts recipe that is one of my favourites, along with Butterscotch Shortbread Rosettes and Chocolate and Pistachio-No-Bake-Slice.

This year, my heart goes out to Melting Moments….those buttery, crumbly, calorie laden little miracles. I made …

The Perfect Marinade

Leading up to Christmas, we are entertaining more often and having little parties here and there and this sauce works to create not only sumptuous ribs, but also the perfect party chicken wing. Sweet, sticky, addictive and great for kids and adults, this robust marinade goes marvellously with lots of heat, so pile in the chilli for those who like it hot! Otherwise I have found that this recipe, above many others I have tried (years of trawling US sites, boiling up batches of coca cola marinade, you name it – I’ve tried it) provides the perfect mix of tang, …

Maple Syrup Honeycomb Troubleshooting

I have had a few readers get back to me saying they didn’t have much luck with the Maple Syrup Honeycomb recipe.

So I have made the honey comb again this morning to see if I can give some pointers.

I set the timer from the minute I put the pot of ingredients on the stove.

It took 10.5 minutes from the start to finish, to get the sugar thermometer to reach 150C/300F. No less than 10 minutes.

The mixture changes colour at the end there, from a light brown to dark golden.

It might feel like a long time, …