Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: May 2011

Food History

I was at my aunty’s house the other night, saying good bye to my cousins before I leave for the UK and enjoying some old movies we used to watch together as kids. VC and I were lucky enough to join my Aunty S and her daughters for dinner that night. Lucky because my Aunty is a survivor of cancer and is still receiving regular treatments to keep her well. Lucky because she was kind enough to accomodate us for a meal when she might not have been feeling like it.

Lucky, because she is a wonderful cook. A cook …

Butter, butter everywhere

You might ask why there is a towering stack of butter in my kitchen glistening in the afternoon sun?

It’s because I was invited to be one of the ‘Friends of Lurpak‘ bloggers, part of a new campaign LURPAK is launching to promote their product.


This is what I’ve always dreamed of. A blog that yields fancy butter!

There are a whole bunch of cool things Lurpak is doing for their campaign including The Lurpak Challenge .

This is a competition where you make your own amazing recipe using Lurpak butter. The entries will be judged by …

Eton Mess

Eton Mess according to some happened by accident when a dog somehow disrupted the dessert at the annual Eton College picnic.

The strawberries got jumbled up with the meringue and the cream creating this wonderful mess.

I don’t believe it for a second…why would there be containers of cream, meringue and macerated strawberries just lying around.

It is however reputedly a dish that was eaten at Eton College in the Mess (canteen) and was traditionally served with either strawberries or bananas.

One of the best desserts ever this one.

It is simple, fairly cheap to put make and most importantly …

Favourite Foodie Things – Vietnamese Vermicelli Noodle Salad

We don’t go there much anymore, but back in the day we used to frequent a little Vietnamese restaurant in our local area.

Today, on AT’s first day home from work I thought it fitting to revisit one of our past haunts and sample an old favourite.

We felt like truant teenagers, pigging out on Vermicelli Noodle Salad when we should be at home packing boxes.

I used to prefer the stir fried beef, but then moved onto the half spring roll – half pork meatball variety.

Imagine the vibrant, fresh flavours of cold rice vermicelli mixed with mint, pickled …

Packing up the Kitchen

As our departure date draws nearer, I am starting to think more seriously about what we’re going to take with us.

We’ve got some boxes being delivered from the shippers next week and I must decide what to put in them.

Other than some bedding, shoes and toys for the kids, all I can think is of what cooking equipment I should take.

I thought I was being silly wanting to pack my mixer, my scales or even my pots…but then I realised that I spend a lot of the time cooking.

Why wouldn’t I want my most used and …

Pork Pad Kra Pao (spicy pork mince)

I am always looking for things to do with mince. As we all know, mince of any kind is a cheap and fairly nutritious way to feed a family. For some reason I don’t have a high tolerance for Asian mince recipes…I couldn’t even tell you why. Maybe the flavours and effort is wasted on mince, I always think of tender strips of good meat when I stir fry. But I came across this recipe that uses pork mince the other day, and it was so simple and packed with flavour that it’s worth sharing. In my kitchen it’s all …

Favourite Foodie Things – Bacco Pasticceria

What’s not to love about GIANT macarons?

Or three desserts for $15?

Or sitting in the most beautiful of Sydney’s buildings, The Queen Victoria Building and sipping on a cappuccino?

There is a lot to love about my favourite little Sydney Foodie secret – Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria.

Ok, so it’s not really a secret, it’s kind of really well known, but I hadn’t heard of it before I stumbled upon the little cafe in the QBV one afternoon with my family.

We thought we had entered 7th heaven when we spotted Bacco’s dessert display and then browsed the …

Sweet Hoisin Pork

This recipe explores all four corners of the taste world: sweetness, spice, salty and sour. This Hoisin Pork recipe is another Kylie Kwong classic. I can’t praise her recipes enough, they are fresh, simple and always on the money. I love this recipe because it has a lovely combination of sweetness in the pork marinade and the crunch of the fresh cucumber is a stroke of genius. The sprinkling of Sichuan salt and pepper at the end is beyond words.

Hoisin Pork

1 large pork fillet, sliced thin.
1 cucumber (sliced finely using a potato peeler)
1 tbsp light …