Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: July 2011

Macarons in London

On our way to check out the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts last night, Mum and I took an important detour to sample the goods at a French Institute – Laduree.

The Laduree website is one of the prettiest websites I have seen…there’s magical princess harp sounds and stars and moving things…so much fun.

The shop in Piccadilly Circus is decked out like a giant Ferrero Rocher wrapper….a rough, golden interior to set off the delicate, colourful macarons on display.

We tried four flavours last night; coconut, pistachio, lemon- thyme and salted caramel.

I think the …

Bolzano Apple Cake

A few things first, I bought these brown plates thinking they’d look great on camera. I was wrong. Second, the spot of pink on the right corner of the cake is evidence of my experimentation, I threw in a few re-currents. I’m new here, I wasn’t sure what they’re used for and FYI, they’re not really great in this recipe, so don’t go there.

Moving on, this is a recipe I must share. It’s not pretty, and it’s a bit tricky to get out of the pan, but it’s worth every messy moment of your time. It’s like an apple …

Who is Gumbo?

KT (now 6yrs old) had been asking about Gumbo. He had seen it in a movie he watched lately and was full of questions. So being a good dad, AT thought he would look up a recipe and get KT to help him make dinner and give me the night off. The two had been talking about Gumbo for days now, and little LT (now 4 yrs old) asked once or twice ‘Who is Gumbo?’ To which we replied it’s a dish… food. But he didn’t seem to understand or to care, as is his way.

So it’s dinner time …

Summer Berries

Couldn’t resist objectifying these fine examples of fresh, summer berries.

The red currents are a little more tart than I expected, so I am thinking I’ll make jam.

Who doesn’t love jam?

Equal measure of berries and sugar in a pot, simmer till lovely and bubbly. Till it looks like jam really.

I had about 200g of red-currents and blueberries (so obviously I used 200g of white sugar).

This yeilded about 3/4 of a jar of jam.

I did however over cook mine so it was more like sticky-toffee candy…ha ha ha

But I mixed a little boiled water in …

Borough Markets

Ventured in to the famous Borough Markets on the weekend.

There were stalls and stalls of deliciousness on offer….

We spotted a German Hotdog stand and a cheesecake stall as we came into the main hall and promised to come back around to buy a hotdog for lunch and take some cheesecake home for dessert.

On our travels we bought a baguette and some sweet little ball-shaped things from a French Bakery stall that tasted great, even though I’m really not sure what they were.

I bought some mushroom pate from a pair of young lads selling their vegetarian alternative …

Feeding Family – Tudor Style

Ever wondered what being a cook in the 1600s might be like?

Yeh, me either…but I was rather fascinated by the kitchens in my recent visit of Hampton Court, the palace of King Henry VIII.

Of course this isn’t REAL meat sitting there on the bench. It’s all just pretend food.

But it gave such a great feel to tour of the kitchen rooms down in the cellar of the palace.

I loved the the earthen ware bowls and dishes, I loved the baskets and copper and cast iron.

The massive fire places, the ten boiler pots…imagine the blood, sweat …

Anne’s Date and Walnut Slice

Anne from Brisbane has come in the Top 30 for the Lurpak Challenge with her Nana’s Walnut and Date Slice .

Click on the link to Anne’s Blog ‘Domesblissity‘ to vote for her slice and have a look at the old recipe her Nana wrote out and she still uses today.

I love the way Anne used her Nana’s china and linen for the photo as well.

Anne, I share your feelings about staging photos…but I do it so often now that it’s gone from supportive comments from my family, to patronising giggles and now I just get …