Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: October 2011

Halloween Jack-o-lantern

Back in Australia, Halloween doesn’t quite have the same feel as up here in the northern hemisphere. Here it really is changing seasons and autumn leaves are on the ground.

People are celebrating the harvest and nights are getting crisp and dark.

We wanted to carve a jack o lantern last year but it would have cost us $20 for the pumpkin!

Here we can perfect, little carving pumpkins for only £3 at the local Tesco’s.

So of course, we had to carve our own this year.

Vanilla and Pear Pear Muffins

You know me well enough by now…I’ve got a tendency to be lazy when it comes to recipes. If I can a get great result with a simpler recipe, I’ll always go that way. Who needs complications in this crazy life?

But these here Vanilla & Pear Muffins don’t fall into that category. First of all they contain both baking soda and baking powder…I mean really, do we need both? And then there’s the buttermilk, a lovely ingredient, but I can never taste it. So why have I then included this not-so-easy recipe in my repertoire? Well, the answer is …

Frothing over at Foodepedia

Since moving to London I’ve been a little busy.

Yes, I’ve been here and there, eating this, drinking that, but I have also been making new friends.

Nick Harman the Creator, Editor and writing guru at UK Food website has been kind enough to let me join his food-loving team – for the time being anyway.

I have been going to restaurants, doing masterclasses, reviewing books and products and all that kind of fun stuff.

Read about my exciting Masterclass with Vivek Singh (a veritable local food hero here in London), you might even like to watch me in …


Perfect for afternoon tea, pikelets are so quick and easy to make.

Not all recipes are created equal however, I have made some terribly sloppy ones in the past.

This is my favourite recipe, that I whip out every Friday afternoon as an after school treat.

These ones come up so light and fluffy. This recipe makes the perfect amount and have just the right level of sweetness.

We eat ours with maple syrup, because the only way I could get the boys to try them was to say they were mini pancakes, but I like to eat mine with …

Goodie bags

A little freebie I got yesterday.

I’ve been busy…will tell you about it soon.


Orange and Almond Meal Babycakes

I had some almond meal in the cupboard that I wanted to use up, so of course I made cupcakes.
Well, the recipe calls them babycakes…it sounds cuter, but it’s really just a cake batter.
I don’t have a nice photo to go with this post, because I messed up the frosting…sorry.
Orange & Almond Babycakes Recipe
125g butter, softened
2/3 cup caster sugar
1 large orange, rind finely grated, juiced
2 eggs
1 cup SR flour
3/4 cup almond meal
Oven 180C (325F)
Beat butter, sugar and orange rind until pale and creamy.
Add eggs, one at

Scotch Egg & Salad

I didn’t come to England for 29C heat in October…I have to giggle as they brag about the heat on the morning news.

While it isn’t exactly ‘hot’ I wouldn’t call it Autumn weather, but then I don’t think my first English summer was typical either.

What better way to sooth my  weather-related anxieties than by cooking up a lovely batch of Scotch Eggs. Or rather, asking my sister VC to.

Scotch Eggs are boiled eggs rolled in sausage meat, crumbed and fried. Madness I tell you. Brilliant madness.

They tasted pretty good, milder than I expected. Served at room …