Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: December 2013

Christmas-spiced tea buns


Lurpak got in touch with me to try their new Slow Churned Butter, their new ‘fuller tasting’ butter has been churned in small batches over 5 hours to create a richer, full-flavoured butter to “excite any butter connoisseur”. I consider myself somewhat of a gourmand when it comes to butter – that is I appreciate greedy amounts and enjoy the highest quality flavours. Lescure butter has been my go-to for many years, but I must say that this new Lurpak butter is easier to find and comes salted, unlike many of the French butters, and this suits my palate. Lurpak …

Lavender shortbread cookies


For Christmas I wanted to make shortbread, which is always appropriate at this time of year, but I wanted it to be a little bit special. I’m a bit unfair posting this recipe now when all the lavender has gone for the year, but perhaps like me – you collected some for drying and have some on-hand. If not, then I suppose this idea won’t be too relevant.

My favourite shortbread recipe is a Martha Stewart one, and I simply made round biscuits and glazed them with a mixture of icing sugar, lavender syrup, water and purple colouring. I then …

Christmas cranberry and pistachio chocolate drops


If you’re not overly confident to start your own chocolate factory just yet, why not try these little treasures. All you need is a microwave to create an endless variety of these pretty and festive sweets. You can create a florentine style creation and top with candied peel, raisins and nuts or keep it simple and go with Christmas colours like my cranberry and pistachio recipe. To add some sparkle, once set, brush with edible lustre dust or add some edible glitter or stars to your topping.

All you need to do is slowly melt on the lowest microwave setting, …

Christmas walnut truffles


For Christmas this year I’m baking another round of sweet treats for the teachers, neighbours and locals. Because things are a bit hectic around here, I kept this year’s selection simple and yet they’ve turned out to be the most festive to date. I’ve tinkered with the clotted cream truffle recipe to create a walnut truffle, and I’ve made lavender shortbread cookies and cranberry and pistachio chocolate rounds which are apparently all the rage in Paris.


Today I’ll share the walnut truffle recipe. So far  I’ve had some great feedback and so I hope you’ll get some good results with …

Ways to minimise waste

I don’t like to get political particularly when it comes to food, but I was writing an article about food waste recently and thought the information I discovered was worth sharing. My aim with this post is not to guilt anyone into anything – which is usually the first reaction I have when someone tells me what I should be doing. My intention is to share with you that there are small things you can do in your daily life that can make a difference. Sometimes the only thing you are able to do is make a change in your …