Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: April 2014

What makes a vibrant food scene?

Brew Lab coffee
Bar Kohl’s signature burger

I’ve just been to Edinburgh to visit my brother. Lucky for me we had a personal tour guide to take us around and select the best places to eat; and lucky for us Edinburgh has a vibrant and varied food scene with cuisine ranging from Brazilian to Indian street food, gourmet burgers to gourmet coffee. Eating out when you’re on holiday is always a bit hit-and-miss. When you’re not familiar with an area finding a suitable place for lunch or dinner can become an exercise in frustration ending in arguments. Before I go …

Spiced pomegranate labneh


Labneh is not something you might think to make for snack or to go with a meal, and admittedly, I made mine as an afterthought to use up some yoghurt. But after making it for my middle-eastern lunch, I am convinced it’s the perfect way to spice up your next spread. Labneh is yoghurt that has been hung and strained to remove the liquid, or whey, and then it’s flavoured with spices and rolled into little balls – really easy to make and really, the only limitation on the flavours and textures of this snack is your imagination. These were …

Lebanese pastries; Ladies Arms (Znoud El Sett)

Back home there was a suburb of Sydney that was home to several Lebanese pastry shops. They sold sweets like baklava, halva, and all sorts of exotic middle eastern delicacies. We used to take a 40 minute drive just to have coffee and sweets there, or buy a plate to bring to a dinner party. The main difference in Britain is that most suburbs outside of London do not have the demand and hence the supply for this sort of thing, and I’ll be darned if I’m driving into Edgeware Rd to get my baklava fix. Funny how I don’t …

Blue Cheese Dressing

When it comes to salads, I follow the American school of thought where it’s more about the dressing than the actual contents of the salad. And when it comes to dressings – you can’t get any more delicious than blue cheese dressing. I first tried it when state-side many years ago and since then, I’ve made it my mission to create the simplest, best-tasting blue cheese dressing this side of the North Atlantic Ocean. With a little help from some sweet and creamy Bleu d’Auvergne, sourced from Cookham’s Deliciously French food stall in Maidenhead High St, I have put …