Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: March 2015

The Blackwood Arms Burnham

Since moving to Cookham, we’ve been exploring the areas north of Maidenhead, driving along dark lanes to find pubs buried in the woodland, and so on the advice of one of AT’s work colleagues, we tried a new pub on the weekend. It’s called The Blackwood Arms and is secreted between Littleworth Common and Twelve Acre wood on the outskirts of Burnham Beeches. Close to Dorney Wood, The Blackwood Arms has been the local watering hole for Chancellors, not far from Cliveden it was also a secret meeting place for the Profumo lovers, and with a classic country pub ambience, …

Home Espresso Blends and the Third Wave

Apparently we’re in the midst of the third wave coffee movement. This was news to me. I didn’t even know there were waves where coffees were concerned but it turns out that things are moving pretty quickly and there’s whispers of a Fourth Wave. Sort of like feminism I suppose, but much less important (to some), the development of coffee culture throughout the western world has become a rather serious affair. I recently found out that it wasn’t my national pride swelling but an acknowledged fact that Australians are considered the frontier folk of good coffee. So I guess what …

Cosmic Donuts

Can you imagine how Stephen Hawking must have felt when the concept for the expanding universe dawned on him? Or how Tesla might have felt when he first realised the potential of wireless technology? That’s kind of how it was for me when I bit into some donuts that I made last week. It was like time and space was bending, the ether opened up and whispered to me the secrets of the universe and the cosmic recipe for the best donuts ever made.


You might think I’m exaggerating, but perhaps you’ve never tried to make donuts at home, or …



You probably don’t know what pozole is. I didn’t until recently. In fact I’ll admit that I’m embarrassed at how little I know about Mexican cuisine – despite the fact that I love Mexican-style food so much. Note I’ve used the word ‘style’ because it’s not Mexican food that I’ve always loved, it’s really something else. Call it Tex-Mex, call it what you like but it’s a match made in heaven and sadly the closest thing we’ll get to eating Mexican food outside of Mexico. Corn chips, cheesy dips, anaemic guacamole and Old El Paso packet mixes are about as …

Double Chocolate Muffins

Well…we can’t be good all the time.


Here are the rules. Think of it like Fight Club but instead of fighting to escape spiritual somnambulance we’re fighting to escape the disappointment of below-average chocolate muffins. We’re fighting to make a chocolate muffin that rises above the ordinary, sets the bar, goes beyond…
This is a good recipe, but with care and love it can achieve greatness.

First Rule: Use hand-chopped Cadbury Bourneville dark chocolate, not chocolate chips.

Second Rule: Do not let these muffins over cook or they will be ordinary.  Keep a keen eye on oven, and your nose …