Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: June 2015


Lamingtons This is what a lamington looks like. It’s pieces of sponge cake that have been dipped in a thick chocolate glaze and then covered with desiccated coconut. They’re very popular in Australia. Popular enough that you can buy them pre-made in little packets at every supermarket. I haven’t had eaten one for over four years now, since we left Sydney. Recently my 10yr old son has shown an interest in baking and so I thought lamingtons would make a nice easy project. I bought a packet mix sponge cake and a whole lot of icing sugar and once I let …

Pasta Hacks: Part Two

As promised, I have two more pasta hacks for the Giovanni Rana ‘Make it My Way’ creative cook-up. The first one is a chicken pie using the Creamy Carbonara Sauce from the Italian Indulgence range of stir-in sauces. Sticking with the theme of convenience, I devised this super easy recipe for turning a pasta sauce into a deceptively simple and delicious pie. Simply slice up a leek and grate some asparagus and courgette into a small saucepan and saute with a bit of olive oil till the leeks have softened. Turn the heat off and then throw in some pre-cooked …

Lemon Blondies

After the excitement of Berlin, pasta hacking and winning a Lurpak hamper for my Bad-ass toastie for #freestylefood month – this post feels rather boring in comparison. I’ve been so busy working on promoting Animal Music that I’ve got no stories to tell about this recipe except that it’s delicious.

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Despite all the chaos, I’ve been baking quite a bit lately. I find the busier my life gets, the more I bake. I’ve come to accept that it’s most likely some kind of delicious release-valve. KT and I have made two batches of lamingtons and I’ve just put my elderflower

Pasta Hacks with Giovanni Rana

One of the fun parts of food-blogging is the challenges that you get to try. I was approached by the people who promote Giovanni Rana pasta and sauces here in the UK, to take part in the ‘Make it My Way with Giovanni Rana’ challenge; where bloggers were asked to create recipe hacks for the new range of stir-through pasta sauces. Six sauces – six dishes and I said yes before I realised that it fell during an exceptionally busy month for me. I may be a little late on this task but nevertheless I have made good on my …

The Best and Wurst of Berlin

I was in Berlin for a few days last week. While I usually like to write about the food I ate while I was away, my affair with food abroad this time was a little bit… different. I was travelling alone and this meant that I didn’t have to worry about feeding anyone but myself; a completely foreign experience. Each time I opened the fridge of my little Air BnB flat, I smiled at the lonely carton of milk. There were no half-drunk bottles of orange juice to keep it company, no cling-wrapped blocks of cheese, half cucumbers and avocados …