Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: July 2015

Summer Salmon Sandwich

It’s officially the school ‘summer’ holidays. Rain, wind, dropping temps; yep it’s the British summer in full swing. I’ve slipped into my holiday mindset which is kind of like when you disengage the gears on a car in anticipation of a long period of no movement.

So who doesn’t love sandwiches? I used to, a long time ago before I left bread-after-breakfast for dead. But I found this old recipe in my little book of mischief and thought I’d share it with you. You could definitely eat this salmon filling without bread, and rather pile it on a plate next …

Summer Greens Side

As promised, I’ve team up with Jo Randell from Perfect Friday Wine to deliver another smashing wine and food combination, and this time it’s a perfect recipe to whip up as a side to some spectacular piece of grilled meat or fish, or as a simple lunch time treat.

Using the asparagus that’s now in season, courgette, spinach, leek and if you fancy some chevre, this summer side will liven up any dinner plate because there is no grains or potato present, this is also a very low GI and calorifically forgiving meal which goes decidedly well with Jo’s recommendation …

Local Food Hero: Palmieri’s Gourmet Italian Cafe

Real Bread Campaign

This loaf of bread might not look special but if you could smell it and taste it, you’d realise that it wasn’t like other loaves of bread. It’s special because it’s real bread and it’s special because you can only get it on a Thursday at one place in Maidenhead. This bread is the reason that I’m celebrating Palmieri’s as one of my local food heroes. As part of the Real Bread Campaign  Italian cafe Palmieri’s in Maidenhead make fresh bread made on-site every Thursday. Available only after midday and prepared by Roberto Palmieri, it is without a doubt the …

Chicken Tinga

Mexican feast @feedingtimeblog

Let the photo set the scene; Father’s Day, Pineapple Margaritas made with reposado tequila and chipotle-chicken tinga served with tostadas, guacamole, and limes. This is the second Mexican feast we’ve had at the Cory house this year and I’m hoping that my experiments will become less of a special occasion and more of a weekly occurrence. I was sent a package of dried chillies of all varieties from the gang at MexTrade UK, but it was the tiny tins of chipotle chillies adobo that they threw in that I started with.

I’ve never cooked with chipotles before and I …