Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Month: July 2016

Buttermilk, oat and chocolate chunk muffins

Buttermilk, oat and chocolate chunk muffins

Many years ago, back in the day when we could go out for breakfast in relative peace and quiet, we used to visit a little tiny cafe in Drummoyne (Sydney) called the Bowen Island Bakery. We would order a coffee and these incredible choc-chip and oat muffins. The choc-chips in these muffins were more like asteroid-sized chunks of Valrhona and they were spectacularly moist, oaty and just a little bit salty.

I have been trying to re-create this recipe ever since. And I don’t claim to be exactly spot-on for this recipe, but it’s close enough to warrant sharing. These …

Summery Sides

I know it won’t last, but in this heat, getting dinner ready in the hottest part of the day can be a nightmare of sweat and cursing. Well it is my house. In summer, salads rule, and if you’re brave enough to turn on the hob, maybe a piece of meat to go with. Nothing fussy, with as little heat generated possible.

Here are some side dishes that are simple and yet super delicious. The bean salad is a favourite passed down from mum and the pea and mint salad is happy discovery from when a friend came to dinner. …

The Poor Knights of Windsor

A little while back Green & Black’s  organic chocolate invited me out to Windsor for their pop-up stall as part of their Taste Tour. Sadly I couldn’t make it, so instead they sent me some chocolate and a recipe to create my own little food event at home. Green & Black’s taste specialist Brandt Maybury devised a variation on a recipe traditional to the area of Windsor to highlight the colour and flavour of Green and Black’s chocolate.

The original recipe from ‘The Compleat Cook‘ by ‘WM’, 1658 which is really a variation on the ‘poor knights’ recipe …

Caldesi in Campagna: Bray

The village of Bray is tucked away on the south side of the Berkshire town of Maidenhead. But it’s not like most other villages. Bray is home to two of the country’s three, three-starred Michelin restaurants; but Heston’s Fat Duck and Alain Roux’s Waterside Inn aren’t the only reasons to pay a visit. In 2007 Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi took over site that was once an old pub. Built in 1860, The Bargee once fed and lodged the barge folk of the Thames. Today though, it’s called Caldesi in Campagna, and despite the company it keeps, the restaurant recently won …