Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Elderflower cordial

Elderflower cordial

“Elder be ye Lady’s tree, burn it not or cursed ye’ll be” so says the Wiccan Rede. If you want to cut an elder you must ask permission of the Elder Mother, the spirit said to inhabit the tree, “Old girl, give me some of thy wood and I will give thee some of mine when I grow into a tree.” The Elder tree has long been used for medicinal purposes throughout Europe and Asia and in times past to treat colds, flu, hayfever and arthritis. It’s been found that elderberries stimulate the immune system and some …



My dad is from a little island on the Dalmatian coast and the food they eat in those parts is very simple and yet superbly delicious. Mostly the locals eat grilled meats and fish accompanied with bread, salad and a dish they call blitva. Blitva is a vegetable usually made with silver beet or swiss chard and potato, but it can be made with anything from broad beans or zucchini or as I like to use, broccoli and sometimes green beans.

I use broccoli in my blitva because the flavour is mild and better for the kids…chard and silver beet …

Buttermilk, oat and chocolate chunk muffins

Buttermilk, oat and chocolate chunk muffins

Many years ago, back in the day when we could go out for breakfast in relative peace and quiet, we used to visit a little tiny cafe in Drummoyne (Sydney) called the Bowen Island Bakery. We would order a coffee and these incredible choc-chip and oat muffins. The choc-chips in these muffins were more like asteroid-sized chunks of Valrhona and they were spectacularly moist, oaty and just a little bit salty.

I have been trying to re-create this recipe ever since. And I don’t claim to be exactly spot-on for this recipe, but it’s close enough to warrant sharing. These …

Pasta Hacks with Giovanni Rana

One of the fun parts of food-blogging is the challenges that you get to try. I was approached by the people who promote Giovanni Rana pasta and sauces here in the UK, to take part in the ‘Make it My Way with Giovanni Rana’ challenge; where bloggers were asked to create recipe hacks for the new range of stir-through pasta sauces. Six sauces – six dishes and I said yes before I realised that it fell during an exceptionally busy month for me. I may be a little late on this task but nevertheless I have made good on my …

The Best and Wurst of Berlin

I was in Berlin for a few days last week. While I usually like to write about the food I ate while I was away, my affair with food abroad this time was a little bit… different. I was travelling alone and this meant that I didn’t have to worry about feeding anyone but myself; a completely foreign experience. Each time I opened the fridge of my little Air BnB flat, I smiled at the lonely carton of milk. There were no half-drunk bottles of orange juice to keep it company, no cling-wrapped blocks of cheese, half cucumbers and avocados …

Local Food Hero: Quintessential Meats


At AT’s work, there are a handful serious BBQ guys…guys who know about meat, guys who build smoke pits, South Africans…you know the type. When asked where they buy their meat – the answer was unanimous: Quintessential Meats in Warfield. I don’t like to be left out of good things, especially when it involves food and so I made my way over to Warfield. It’s beautiful there. Lots of farms and horse-types, golf courses and tucked away, off a lane you’ll probably miss if you’re not careful, is Fernygrove Farm. Run by James & Charlotte Quinn, Fernygrove and Hornbuckle …

Crumbed Pork Fillets and the Perfect Friday Wine


I met Jo Randell at one of the Cookham Media Hub events. I knew she’d been writing about wine for a local publication and a friend told me she was good at it. I don’t usually read about wine, but in her column and on her blog Perfect Friday Wine, Jo strips back all the jargon and industry talk and explains in a relatable way,  how and why certain wines are worth taking a chance on. She’s on a mission to sing the praises of lesser known brands and varieties, taking a viticulture bullet for us all so we …

Best-ever Bad-ass Toastie


Ok, so I burnt the outside a little bit. I don’t make toasted sandwiches much these days but when I do, they tend to be pretty amazing. This one even has a name, we used to call it the ‘Dolce’. We named all our sandwiches back when we had cafe, waaaaay back in the late 90s in the corporate ghetto of North Sydney. This one is called The Dolce because in classical music, when you play something ‘dolce’ you play it softly and sweetly and that is kind of what this sandwich is all about. All the softness of the …

An Ethiopian Adventure with Sarah Parfitt

It’s not often that we get to escape the comfort zone, that’s because it’s nice being comfortable. But once in a while, an opportunity arises that pushes you out into a world that’s very different from your own daily experience. Sarah Parfitt was fortunate enough to have one of these adventures when she went to Gende Tesfa in Eastern Ethiopia for a week. Her goal was to set up a community journalism project and a school link between Holy Trinity School here in Cookham and the Gende Tesfa School. It’s been 30 years since the famine in Ethiopia and Sarah

Spiced Root Vegetable Fritters



I love the look of beetroot. I like the way the dirty root bulbs belie the firm, bloody flesh inside. Beetroots are another one of those vegetables that we don’t each much of but are packed with bioflavonoids and other fun things that we’re told is good for us. But aside from that, they taste good and this recipe is great way to get more of those unfashionable vegetables like parsnip and carrot into your diet in the most delicious way.

You can serve these fritters up with anything from cucumber raita, yoghurt dip, sweet chilli sauce or some …