Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Blackberry and Apple Pie

Blackberry and Apple Pie

So many blackberries, so few recipes. I had to toss up between a pie or a crumble because I’m not interested in baking blackberries any other way. Whether you’re scrumping them from the side of the road or picking them off your neighbour’s rampant bush, blackberries abound and this pie is going to change your life. I have been known to take a nonchalant  stance when it comes to pie crusts. I’ve made a few good ones but mainly they’re not much to write home about. So I did a little bit of research before I made this pie and …

Butternut Squash, Honey, Cheese & Savoury Sage Crumble

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I’ve added some roasted beetroot to my crumble making it look all gory, but I don’t know that it added anything to the original concept. After trying the Marlow Cheese Co. Cygnet cheese, I knew there was a recipe in there somewhere.The Cygnet has an almost sour, citrus flavour when it’s young and isn’t overly salty which means it completes the holy trinity of flavour when you combine it with something salty and sweet. So in this dish you’ve got the sweetness of the squash and honey, the savoury of the crumble and the sourness of the cheese. This is …

The Poor Knights of Windsor

A little while back Green & Black’s  organic chocolate invited me out to Windsor for their pop-up stall as part of their Taste Tour. Sadly I couldn’t make it, so instead they sent me some chocolate and a recipe to create my own little food event at home. Green & Black’s taste specialist Brandt Maybury devised a variation on a recipe traditional to the area of Windsor to highlight the colour and flavour of Green and Black’s chocolate.

The original recipe from ‘The Compleat Cook‘ by ‘WM’, 1658 which is really a variation on the ‘poor knights’ recipe …

Caramel Chocolate Slice

Caramel Chocolate Slice

The ingredients for this classic Australian slice are simple, as is their preparation. The skill in this dish though, lies in the technique. Unlike some other recipes where you might have a generous mistake buffer, if you over cook any of the components of this recipe or it will not work or taste as good as it should; you’ll get a hard base, a chewy middle and a lack-lustre topping. This recipe is sort of like Millionaire Shortbread; the biscuity bottom is not shortbread but rather coconut based.

Keep a watchful eye on the cooking process. Don’t let the base …

Sweet Ricotta Panzerotti

Sweet Ricotta Panzerotti

I don’t make panzerotti very often and if I still lived in Sydney I never would have even tried. You could buy them in a little Italian cake shop in a place called Haberfield – and I was always glad for an excuse to go into this Italian suburb to max out on freshly made Italian cheeses, bread and cakes. But you cannot find anything even similar here in the UK, and when I do make these fried pockets of goodness, I always remember the time my mum bought one into the hospital for me the morning after I’d given …

Baked Ricotta and Sour Cream Cheesecake

Feeding Time Blog

Feeding time blog

Early January is not the greatest time to have a birthday. By new year, everyone’s had enough of revelling, pigging out and parties and so the Capricorn must seek humbler means to celebrate. This year, mum bought a home-made feast to my house. She made her legendary lasagne and surprised me with what was possibly the most perfect cheesecake I’d ever seen. It was an epic feed and I enjoyed every single morsel and today I will share my mother’s recipe for the queen of cakes. You’ll see that in the original recipe it calls for cottage cheese, but mum …

Oven-Baked Buffalo Wings

Oven-Baked Buffalo Wings

There’s no use fighting it. Party season has arrived, it’s upon us, we’re boarding the train to Christmas Town and I’m going to get that ball rolling with this amazing recipe, that until now – I’ve kept to myself. Buffalo wings; they’re not made of buffalo meat, they get their name from their place of origin – the New York city of Buffalo. As with most of these legendary dishes, the truth about how they came about is a little bit misty but let’s not worry about that.

These buffalo wings make a super addition to any party menu. They’re …

Bee-sting Choux Buns

I celebrated my 14th wedding anniversary recently and as you might guess, for such an ordinary number and because it was karate night, we did nothing. Well, we said we’d do nothing but AT bought me some lovely long-stem roses, and I made him some choux pastry. And yes, it was looking as boring as it sounds, so, like George and his medicine, I came up with something marvellous.


I’d intended to fill the profiteroles with custard, but as I bit into my test subject I was reminded of a much beloved German Bee-Sting cake. Without the need to bake …

Cosmic Donuts

Can you imagine how Stephen Hawking must have felt when the concept for the expanding universe dawned on him? Or how Tesla might have felt when he first realised the potential of wireless technology? That’s kind of how it was for me when I bit into some donuts that I made last week. It was like time and space was bending, the ether opened up and whispered to me the secrets of the universe and the cosmic recipe for the best donuts ever made.


You might think I’m exaggerating, but perhaps you’ve never tried to make donuts at home, or …

Rocky Road

I was chatting to another mum in the school yard the other day and we were talking about how hard it is to choose those incidental gifts; the ones you give to your neighbour, your hairdresser, teachers and workmates. It can get expensive and really difficult to think up meaningful gifts on top of all the other major presents of the season, and so I’ve always gone the home-made route. You can make a few different things, with minimal cost, and because you’ve made it yourself, the resulting sweets and treats become worth more than just the sum of their …