Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Rocky Road

I was chatting to another mum in the school yard the other day and we were talking about how hard it is to choose those incidental gifts; the ones you give to your neighbour, your hairdresser, teachers and workmates. It can get expensive and really difficult to think up meaningful gifts on top of all the other major presents of the season, and so I’ve always gone the home-made route. You can make a few different things, with minimal cost, and because you’ve made it yourself, the resulting sweets and treats become worth more than just the sum of their …

Lemon Myrtle Yoghurt and Macadamia Shortbread

A friend from home sent me an Australian bush food recipe book for Christmas, along with a couple of packets of wattle seed and a chilli, wild lime and lemon myrtle seasoning blend. What a thoughtful gift and it truly got me thinking about the good friends I have left behind. It also got me thinking about this really nice yoghurt I used to try-not-to-buy because it was loaded with calories. It was a lemon myrtle yoghurt. Lemon scented myrtle or Backhousia citriodora was named after the British botanist James Backhouse, and shortened to lemon myrtle to market the dried …

Treacle Pudding


Am I jumping the gun a bit posting a recipe for treacle pudding? It’s not really cold enough yet or dark enough and with the twinkling lights and festive cheer, winter gloom hasn’t quite set in. Does it count that I made this last month and that I found it perfectly fitting to eat the deepest winter comfort food on a dreary November evening? Does it help that I’ve heard the temperature is about to drop? Or, how about this one – is there really a wrong time for treacle pudding?

There’s a bit of irony about this recipe. I …

Coconut and Ginger Slice


If you ever wanted to cunningly plot the demise of an enemy with a cake-induced-heart-attack, this recipe would be your weapon of choice. It is one of the most supernaturally seductive slices I’ve ever tasted and contains a whopping one and a half blocks of butter, tasting every bit as delectable as you’d hope. I’ve made buttery slices in the past only to be disappointed by the oily residue that seeps out the bottom, but this slice doesn’t come across as being overly fatty or unpleasant even though it really, really is. So dangerous is this slice that I sent …

Roasted hazelnut and orange blossom cake

Roasted hazelnut and orange blossom cake

I think we’ve spent enough time making up for the sins of the summer holidays. Can we all agree that’s it time, once again, to enjoy sweet treats with our cup of tea? It’s become cold all of a sudden and the trees are turning and I think we can officially say goodbye to summer. But I’m not sad, it’s been a long, hot summer and I’m ready for a change. Despite the fact that this cake was supposed to be a National Trust spring time celebration of the new rose garden at Cliveden, it’s a robust recipe that can

Luscious Lemon Pie with Coconut crust


I’ve made loads of lemon tarts… but I’ve never felt moved enough, confident enough to share a recipe. It’s all been a bit hit and miss. Sometimes grainy, sometimes too tart and often too flat. But, I made a lemon tart the other day – and perhaps I’m jumping the gun a little here, having only made it once – but I’m going to share this recipe because it’s the best one I’ve ever made. AT made the bold call of saying it’s the best lemon tart he’s ever eaten – followed by telling me that I’ll never be able …

Cornflakes; not just for breakfast

The only time I buy cereal is when Kellogg’s have their annual Grown-ups Go Free promotion. Last year we used them to take the boys to Lego Land for the first time and I’ve got my tokens on the fridge ready for this year’s visit. And this time we’re all going on the big roller-coaster. My kids tried Coco-pops for the first time and they weren’t as impressed as I thought they’d be. I remember loving Coco-pops as a kid. Maybe cereal is acquired taste, who knows? The cornflakes were put aside for baking and so I thought I’d share …

Custard Creams

6oz of butter, 6oz flour, 2oz of sugar and 2oz of custard powder is all you need to make one of Britain’s favourite snack time treats. Custard Creams have been one of the nation’s favourite biscuits since Victorian times, and while this recipe is not the same as store bought – they’re just as addictive. Using icing sugar instead of caster sugar and the high quantity of butter make these biscuits very short and fine in texture and the perfect delivery system for the butter cream. If you want to go custard crazy – you can also put a little …

Caramel coconut slice

Caramel coconut slice

There’s not a lot that needs to be said along side a recipe like this. One of AT’s all-time favourite recipes, I make this at our own peril, as we’re the only ones who really eat it. The kids haven’t twigged yet. It can look a little ugly, it crumbles and if you don’t let it set for long enough after baking, you’ll have a giant mess on your hands. But with the right approach this can be a truly heavenly culinary experience.

IMG_5407Caramel Coconut Slice Recipe

For the base
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup SR flour
1/2 cup …

Walnut and fig tart


Am I the only person who occasionally buys canned food because I like the design of the packaging? I found these Baldjis figs in Waitrose recently and thought they just looked lovely, trouble is, I don’t really like figs. I knew I’d be able to bake them into something acceptable and so came up with the idea to make a tart like a pecan pie, except using figs and my favoured nut, the walnut. Walnuts are highly underrated in today’s kitchen and I sing their praises when I can. Walnuts shouldn’t taste bitter. It’s only because they’ve turned rancid (as …