Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Pea Shoots and Paris

Pea Shoots and Paris

As you know I recently had a friend from Australia visit me here in the UK. She spent a few days in the area with her partner, but mostly came to spend time with me and the boys. We met when I was pregnant with KT and have been friends ever since – that’s coming on 10 years now. The last night of their stay, L and JJ came over for a home-made dinner. It was hard to know what to make, as I didn’t want to spend more time in the kitchen than necessary and they’d be gormandising in …

Ready Steady Cooks & Co.

Welcome to 2015. It’s taken me a while to crank up my mojo but here I am. Christmas was a whirlwind of rocky road and truffles and cellophane and curling ribbon and I came out the other side of December needing a little break from the kitchen and indeed the temptations of the festive season. This year I’m looking for recipes to freshen up my tired old culinary repertoires, and more importantly recipes that will help me fit into my black jeans again.

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of being a judge for the in-house staff food competition …

A Foodie Pilgrimage to Sarajevo

I’ve become one of those people who holidays in the same place each year. I didn’t think I was that sort of person, but it turns out I am. I love to explore the world and embrace new and challenging holiday destinations, but when it comes to summer holidays, my family and I love to return to Croatia each year to sun ourselves on the stoney beach of Prigradica, eat our body-weight in ćevapčići and enjoy the view from our apartment. While we missed out on another island lunch with Captain Tomislav on this trip, we did get to try …

Local Food Hero: Macey’s Organic Butcher

Village life can be frustrating. You know by now how I feel about the limitations when it comes to food, but there are other basic services that life outside of the city simply cannot provide. Namely sharpening services for kitchen knives. I’ve tried everything. I’ve called up restaurants, asked mobile services and even tried calling up butchers but I cannot get my knife sharpened. Short of buying a new one, which is not going to happen, I didn’t know how to solve my problem. I bought some gadget on line that had been recommended but it didn’t work and for …

Wiltshire wonders; food to seek out when you’re out west

It’s something I’m rather proud of that didn’t involve feeding my face, so I’ll begin by saying that I walked over 14 miles on Sunday from Salisbury to Stone Henge. If you’re curious about the route, it’s something I found on the Saturday Walkers’ Club website. I was, I’ll admit, a little anxious about it because I’ve never walked that far before, but it was an amazing experience. Wiltshire is truly a magical and mysterious part of Britain and there is so much to see. Stone and wooden circles were our focus, and while we didn’t see it all by …

What makes a vibrant food scene?

Brew Lab coffee
Bar Kohl’s signature burger

I’ve just been to Edinburgh to visit my brother. Lucky for me we had a personal tour guide to take us around and select the best places to eat; and lucky for us Edinburgh has a vibrant and varied food scene with cuisine ranging from Brazilian to Indian street food, gourmet burgers to gourmet coffee. Eating out when you’re on holiday is always a bit hit-and-miss. When you’re not familiar with an area finding a suitable place for lunch or dinner can become an exercise in frustration ending in arguments. Before I go …

Lebanese pastries; Ladies Arms (Znoud El Sett)

Back home there was a suburb of Sydney that was home to several Lebanese pastry shops. They sold sweets like baklava, halva, and all sorts of exotic middle eastern delicacies. We used to take a 40 minute drive just to have coffee and sweets there, or buy a plate to bring to a dinner party. The main difference in Britain is that most suburbs outside of London do not have the demand and hence the supply for this sort of thing, and I’ll be darned if I’m driving into Edgeware Rd to get my baklava fix. Funny how I don’t …

Duck confit and pommes sarladaise

I’ve been missing the food from home a bit lately. This week I wanted to make a seafood soup, with a variety of shell fish and prawns and was so disappointed that I had to use a pre-cooked selection. I managed to find green prawns in the shell, which is essential for a good stock, but the crab and mussels came from a pre-cooked frozen package and I can confirm that yes – they tasted horrible. In Sydney I would have gone to my local fish shop and bought my pick of prawns, crab, mussels and fish and it would …

The Olde Bell in Hurley

In the last days of the summer holidays, my mum kindly took the boys for a couple of days and Adrian and I had the chance to check out some of the less child-friendly pubs in the area. I’ve had my eye on The Olde Bell in Hurley for a while now but their menu was best left for a fine-dining kind of night. OK, so we didn’t have an evening of chilled-out sophistication mapped out, in fact, we had a meeting with a mortgage broker at 8pm, so we had an hour to eat. But then, we’ve always been …

The spoils of summer in Croatia

The spoils of summer in Croatia

I have just returned from Korčula, Croatia for what has turned out to be our best family holiday. That combination of familiarity, independence and relaxation meant this was our best experience yet of our favourite beach-side spot.  The boys were old enough this time to swim by themselves and explore the rocks and we even managed an island-hopping boat tour kindly arranged by my dad. The food was, as ever, amazing. Loads of grilled meat and our favourite little ćevapčićis appearing at most meal times. We celebrated dad’s birthday with lobster buzara and AT’s birthday with another visit to the