Scotch Egg & Salad

I didn’t come to England for 29C heat in October…I have to giggle as they brag about the heat on the morning news.

While it isn’t exactly ‘hot’ I wouldn’t call it Autumn weather, but then I don’t think my first English summer was typical either.

What better way to sooth my  weather-related anxieties than by cooking up a lovely batch of Scotch Eggs. Or rather, asking my sister VC to.

Scotch Eggs are boiled eggs rolled in sausage meat, crumbed and fried. Madness I tell you. Brilliant madness.

They tasted pretty good, milder than I expected. Served at room temperature and accompanied with a creamy coleslaw and spinach salad they made a lovely ‘mild weather’ meal.

I must admit that I probably didn’t need to eat two….but then, it was dinner time.

Here are some recipes from some classic British food sources BBC Food and Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith.

I think scotch eggs would make great after school snacks for ravenous teenagers, a quick and easy lunch on the run at work and perfect for any picnic.

The only concern with these little protein bombs is to take care to have the right temperature oil to prevent undercooked sausage meat.

Who is Gumbo?

KT (now 6yrs old) had been asking about Gumbo. He had seen it in a movie he watched lately and was full of questions. So being a good dad, AT thought he would look up a recipe and get KT to help him make dinner and give me the night off. The two had been talking about Gumbo for days now, and little LT (now 4 yrs old) asked once or twice ‘Who is Gumbo?’ To which we replied it’s a dish… food. But he didn’t seem to understand or to care, as is his way.

So it’s dinner time (5.30pm in my house) and we sit down to a lovely Gumbo meal that KT was taking great pride in sharing. And it tasted great. Really, it did. I wanted seconds…and thirds, but held back. AT loves left overs. As I tucked into my meal with LT sitting next me at our little table looking out into to the streets of Battersea asked ‘Does he have a mouth?’

I wasn’t sure I’d heard correctly. I looked at him as he poked his meal with a fork. Then I looked AT, who mustn’t have heard. So I looked at KT who was grinning from ear to ear. It seemed he had heard it too, and what’s more, his reaction confirmed what I had suspected.

So I asked him ‘What did LT say?’

To which he replied- trying not to laugh, ‘He thinks Gumbo is a person’.

At which point we both cracked up laughing. LT never knew we were even having a giggle at his expense, I think he was probably still trying to figure out what exactly happened to poor old Gumbo and why we were eating him! I didn’t know what I found funnier, the fact that LT thought Gumbo was a person; or that he wanted to know where his mouth was; or that his big brother had thought this adorable little faux pa was as funny as I did.

Anyway, if you want to make this delicious gumbo recipe, AT found it at Gumbo City, and it was this recipe we used: Easy Chicken Gumbo. And can I say it any more times?

Gumbo, gumbo, gumbo.

Here is a little photo of LT. Just in case you didn’t know how cute he was.

The loneliest little man in Kensington Palace.

Anne’s Date and Walnut Slice

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Recipe Alert – Blue Cheese Gougeres

I have been baking this morning. The kids are home from school on a weekday and they are crying in their rooms as I write this post.

I can hear words and phrases shouted through their doors like ‘stupid’ and ‘you knocked down my castle’ and ‘the Wally books are mine’ etc.

Amidst the chaos of two little boys that has turned from play-mates to boy-fights  in seconds, I keep my sanity by baking.

Gougeres today.

Bluecheese ones.

For a Goose party I have been invited to join tomorrow night.

My Friends A (the dumpling sauce drinker) and AT (the pudding philosopher) are having a friend come an cook a goose. I have heard rumours of salted caramel tarts and others who share my passion for food and books.

I figured I could bring a canape, while we wait for the goose to cook.

Mum made gougeres made with Gruyere over Christmas last year and they were so light and delicate. She they were easy.But then, she said making macarons was easy.

I tried Emeril’s Blue cheese Gougeres this morning, and I am very happy with the results.

I didn’t have everything to make his ‘essence’ but I put in what I did have (paprika, black, white and cayenne peppers, oregano).

I used some Tasmanian blue cheese and halved his recipe quite successfully.

It was touch and go for a moment, when I had to incorporate the eggs into the ball of dough, I thought it would never integrate…but it did.

I even pressed down the pointy bits, as I had read somewhere in another recipe.

The flavour is light and lovely, the texture is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Goose party here I come!!!


Recipe Alert! – Homemade peanut butter cups

In the lead up to Christmas  I am all a flutter with my baking and making.

I had decided not to make anything fattening this year, as I have put too much effort in this year to pile on too many pounds over the Christmas period.

And so, here I am.

Making chocolate tarts and peanut butter cups.

A leopard can never change his spots.

So, I have found a pretty decent recipe here at Life in a Peanut Shell Blog

They are a little fiddly, but that is the nature of this recipe, and just one of the hurdles one must overcome on the road to home-made candy heaven.

I have used a dark chocolate for mine and generic, smooth peanut butter. I believe these are slightly more delicious than the real thing (Reese’s of course)…less powdery in texture and richer in chocolate flavour.

Sugared Almonds

This is another vintage post, that coming up to the festive season is a great recipe to have on hand for gifts and general (usually compulsive) snacking.

I have chosen the Sugared Almonds post not only for it’s festive feel but also because this recipe will feature in a new project I am involved in.

My cousin Tegan and I have created an online magazine called MOTIF Magazine

It will be free and online only and it will focus on a different theme each issue.

Our launch issue is focused on the theme of NOSTALGIA.

I found it really tricky to find recipes that fit into this theme because food memories are so often a particularly personal subject.

So I went with one personal recipe, the Sugared Almonds and you’ll have to wait for my second choice….

A foody friend and fellow aesthete took the photos, which I put into the post. They highlight the gift-worthy element of this nifty recipe.

I am hoping that all my readers here at Feeding Time Blog will lend their support to this new project of mine. I am really excited about it and I think you will all love, love, love it.