Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Buttermilk Scones

Kirstie Allsop hosts a TV show called in ‘Made in Britain‘. It is basically an outlet for over-achievement. She tries her hand, guided by experts, at all kinds of craft and baking and enters the results in small town fairs, where she usually wins some kind of prize amongst people who have been plugging away for years. It sounds like I don’t like her or the show much, but I do. I really like her, she isn’t afraid to reveal her competitive streak, which I understand all too well. My family call it the ‘Monica gene’ (from Friends

Scotch Egg & Salad

I didn’t come to England for 29C heat in October…I have to giggle as they brag about the heat on the morning news.

While it isn’t exactly ‘hot’ I wouldn’t call it Autumn weather, but then I don’t think my first English summer was typical either.

What better way to sooth my  weather-related anxieties than by cooking up a lovely batch of Scotch Eggs. Or rather, asking my sister VC to.

Scotch Eggs are boiled eggs rolled in sausage meat, crumbed and fried. Madness I tell you. Brilliant madness.

They tasted pretty good, milder than I expected. Served at room …

Savoury Coeur a la Creme

There’s the kind of recipe that you make, it’s great, but for some reason, you don’t make it again. Perhaps it was too fussy, the ingredients too difficult to source or it just wasn’t worth the effort. And then there’s the kind of recipe that’s great and you continue to make it again and again. They’re the ones I’m interested in, and they’re the ones I share.

Today, I have one of these little gems to share that you might not have stumbled across yet. It’s a Savoury Coeur a la Creme  from Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa. Ina’s …

Who is Gumbo?

KT (now 6yrs old) had been asking about Gumbo. He had seen it in a movie he watched lately and was full of questions. So being a good dad, AT thought he would look up a recipe and get KT to help him make dinner and give me the night off. The two had been talking about Gumbo for days now, and little LT (now 4 yrs old) asked once or twice ‘Who is Gumbo?’ To which we replied it’s a dish… food. But he didn’t seem to understand or to care, as is his way.

So it’s dinner time …

Anne’s Date and Walnut Slice

Anne from Brisbane has come in the Top 30 for the Lurpak Challenge with her Nana’s Walnut and Date Slice .

Click on the link to Anne’s Blog ‘Domesblissity‘ to vote for her slice and have a look at the old recipe her Nana wrote out and she still uses today.

I love the way Anne used her Nana’s china and linen for the photo as well.

Anne, I share your feelings about staging photos…but I do it so often now that it’s gone from supportive comments from my family, to patronising giggles and now I just get …

Recipe Alert – Blue Cheese Gougeres

I have been baking this morning. The kids are home from school on a weekday and they are crying in their rooms as I write this post.

I can hear words and phrases shouted through their doors like ‘stupid’ and ‘you knocked down my castle’ and ‘the Wally books are mine’ etc.

Amidst the chaos of two little boys that has turned from play-mates to boy-fights  in seconds, I keep my sanity by baking.

Gougeres today.

Bluecheese ones.

For a Goose party I have been invited to join tomorrow night.

My Friends A (the dumpling sauce drinker) and AT (the …

Recipe Alert! – Homemade peanut butter cups

In the lead up to Christmas  I am all a flutter with my baking and making.

I had decided not to make anything fattening this year, as I have put too much effort in this year to pile on too many pounds over the Christmas period.

And so, here I am.

Making chocolate tarts and peanut butter cups.

A leopard can never change his spots.

So, I have found a pretty decent recipe here at Life in a Peanut Shell Blog

They are a little fiddly, but that is the nature of this recipe, and just one of the hurdles …

Recipe Alert – Maple Spiced Walnuts

I have antlers on my car this year, a lovely tree, Christmas themed tea-towels in my kitchen and a wreath on my door. I love Christmas. Like many bakers out there, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to bake gifts and try out all the yummy and uber-fattening recipes that I  don’t feel justified making through out the year. Last year I posted a Spiced Nuts recipe that is one of my favourites, along with Butterscotch Shortbread Rosettes and Chocolate and Pistachio-No-Bake-Slice.

This year, my heart goes out to Melting Moments….those buttery, crumbly, calorie laden little miracles. I made …

Sugared Almonds

This is another vintage post, that coming up to the festive season is a great recipe to have on hand for gifts and general (usually compulsive) snacking.

I have chosen the Sugared Almonds post not only for it’s festive feel but also because this recipe will feature in a new project I am involved in.

My cousin Tegan and I have created an online magazine called MOTIF Magazine

It will be free and online only and it will focus on a different theme each issue.

Our launch issue is focused on the theme of NOSTALGIA.

I found it really tricky …

Recipe Alert! – Macarons

Now that I have your attention…


It seems everyone is eating and baking them right now.

I tried my first ever macaron about 6 months ago at a cafe near by.

In hindsight, I can see it was a pretty sad version of what a macaron should be, but even still, I love-love-loved it.

It was lemon. The butter cream was cold and tangy.

I am now a convert to the cult of macaron.

I have since tried a perfect hazelnut offering from Sweetness Patisserie, and even sampled a a few bites from the impressive Macaron Bar at Baroque …