Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Bistro Story: Maidenhead

A little place with lots of style, stepping inside Bistro Story is like taking a tiny trip abroad. From the food to the music, there’s a familiar Eastern European ambience that will make anyone with European roots feel right at home. I remember glancing inside and pausing in curiosity as I powered down Queen St not so long ago, and we’d heard good reports from work mates. But it wasn’t till last night that we actually went into Maidenhead after 6pm and tried the food at what is now my favourite restaurant in the land.

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I love the posters on …

Caldesi in Campagna: Bray

The village of Bray is tucked away on the south side of the Berkshire town of Maidenhead. But it’s not like most other villages. Bray is home to two of the country’s three, three-starred Michelin restaurants; but Heston’s Fat Duck and Alain Roux’s Waterside Inn aren’t the only reasons to pay a visit. In 2007 Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi took over site that was once an old pub. Built in 1860, The Bargee once fed and lodged the barge folk of the Thames. Today though, it’s called Caldesi in Campagna, and despite the company it keeps, the restaurant recently won …

The Old Swan Uppers: Cookham

We’ve been kicking around the Maidenhead area for almost 5 years now and we’ve done our fair share of exploring the local fare. For us, eating out usually means finding a place that serves a burger because with two boys, that’s the only way of tempting them to eat out. But who am I kidding? I love burgers too. We love burgers so much that when we’re not eating them out we make them at home on a Saturday night.

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The Old Swan Uppers in Cookham is probably my favourite drinking pub in Cookham. I love the low-ceiling-fire-place ambience, I …

Marco Pierre White in Windsor

Last Thursday night I attended a VIP event at the newly launched MPW Steak House Bar and Grill  in Windsor. Situated inside the recently refurbished Castle Hotel Windsor, which is now part of the luxury M Gallery Collection of the Sofitel group, this latest addition to the Marco Pierre White family of restaurants is everything you might expect from the ever-expanding franchise. It’s a bit exciting to have an MPW restaurant open up in Windsor because while you might think a global tourist destination would have a number of high quality dining establishments, it is in reality, woefully devoid …

Satollo Italian Eatery and Delicatessen: Marlow

Satollo Italian Eatery and Delicatessen: Marlow

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I’ve been looking forward to visiting Satollo in Marlow ever since I first heard about it a few weeks ago. After taking a chance at the deli counter in Sainsbury’s last week, only to be sorely (and foolishly) disappointed on so many levels, I drove into Marlow last Wednesday with the hope and desperation of a gourmand in despair.

Tucked away in Liston Court, just off the High St in Marlow is where Satollo, and my salvation, awaits. The name is odd, but meaningful (satollo means “satiated” in Italian) and the range is modest but of the most excellent quality. …

Local Food Hero: Pierozek Polish Delicatessen

Have you ever walked into a shop on Edgeware Rd or Chinatown  in London and felt transported to another place? I love nothing more than walking into a deli or grocer and being immersed in the delights of another culture. Since moving to Maidenhead I found this experience a little more difficult to come by, but I’ve since found some hidden treasures like the Continental Stores on Denmark St and Gordon Store on Gordon St and most recently I discovered the Polish deli on Market St right in the heard of Maidenhead.

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I’d known the Pierozek Polish Delicatessen had been …

The Gateway Cheese and Beautiful Boards

In the lead up to Christmas, I get the opportunity to try new products and sample foods being launched for the festive season. It is a rare occasion that I’ll turn down the chance to try cheese or chocolate and happily I had the good fortune to take delivery of both recently. Paxton and Whitfield are one of the country’s oldest and most respected cheese mongers and so I’m always so pleased to try whatever they send. This year I tried the Trio of Contemporaries selection which proved to be a finely selected group of fresh and imaginative cheeses to …

The Bel and the Dragon: Cookham

I don’t review often, but when I do, it’s always genuine. I like to shout about outstanding food establishments, mainly because they’re so thin on the ground in the suburban sameness of Berkshire. I’d been to the Bel and the Dragon in Cookham for lunch a few times and I’d attended some networking events there and while the food was good I wasn’t really moved enough to write about the experience. But a few weeks ago I had the opportunity for a night out with AT because the boys were at their grandparent’s house. Evenings of parental freedom are sacrosanct …

The Golden Ball Pub: Maidenhead

Golden Ball Pub

I’d been to The Golden Ball pub in Maidenhead once. It wasn’t great so I didn’t go back, and while I’m sure it was the go-to of anyone within walking distance, I wouldn’t have called it a destination pub. However, thanks to the team at Epic Pubs, The Golden Ball has been transformed into just that, a destination venue where it feels like you’re going out without leaving the neighbourhood.

You probably haven’t heard of Epic Pubs before and that’s because The Golden Ball is the team’s first foray into the world of free housing. When I asked the manager …

Local Food Hero: Palmieri’s Gourmet Italian Cafe

Real Bread Campaign

This loaf of bread might not look special but if you could smell it and taste it, you’d realise that it wasn’t like other loaves of bread. It’s special because it’s real bread and it’s special because you can only get it on a Thursday at one place in Maidenhead. This bread is the reason that I’m celebrating Palmieri’s as one of my local food heroes. As part of the Real Bread Campaign  Italian cafe Palmieri’s in Maidenhead make fresh bread made on-site every Thursday. Available only after midday and prepared by Roberto Palmieri, it is without a doubt the …