Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Sweet Ricotta Panzerotti

Sweet Ricotta Panzerotti

I don’t make panzerotti very often and if I still lived in Sydney I never would have even tried. You could buy them in a little Italian cake shop in a place called Haberfield – and I was always glad for an excuse to go into this Italian suburb to max out on freshly made Italian cheeses, bread and cakes. But you cannot find anything even similar here in the UK, and when I do make these fried pockets of goodness, I always remember the time my mum bought one into the hospital for me the morning after I’d given …

Flourless Carrot and Walnut Cake

Flourless Carrot and Walnut Cake

I don’t really want to add much to this post, because frankly, I don’t want to distract you. You might already know this if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time but I’m on the search for the perfect carrot cake. I know it’s out there, I’ve tasted it and I will not rest until I’ve found it. In the meantime, I’ve found Ottolenghi’s version to be very nice, and I believe this flourless recipe to be another, very worthy entry.

AT and I ate this whole cake ourselves and so when a recipe brings out the …

Baked Ricotta and Sour Cream Cheesecake

Feeding Time Blog

Feeding time blog

Early January is not the greatest time to have a birthday. By new year, everyone’s had enough of revelling, pigging out and parties and so the Capricorn must seek humbler means to celebrate. This year, mum bought a home-made feast to my house. She made her legendary lasagne and surprised me with what was possibly the most perfect cheesecake I’d ever seen. It was an epic feed and I enjoyed every single morsel and today I will share my mother’s recipe for the queen of cakes. You’ll see that in the original recipe it calls for cottage cheese, but mum …

Mince Pie Crumble

Feeding Time Blog

Feeding Time Blog

In the exciting months leading up to Christmas, foodies have to contend with deliveries of festive treats, and the latest and likely my last for this year were some seasonal offerings from Rosebud Preserves; Christmas Fruit Chutney made with prunes, dates, apricots, aromatic allspice and strong dark ale and Almond and Orange Mincemeat made with with Bramley apples, vine fruits, citrus and a measure of brandy. Elspeth Biltoft founded her preserve company in 1989, combining the recipes passed down from her mother and botanical teachings of her father. Based in Masham in North Yorkshire, Rosebud Preserves has grown bigger …


Lamingtons This is what a lamington looks like. It’s pieces of sponge cake that have been dipped in a thick chocolate glaze and then covered with desiccated coconut. They’re very popular in Australia. Popular enough that you can buy them pre-made in little packets at every supermarket. I haven’t had eaten one for over four years now, since we left Sydney. Recently my 10yr old son has shown an interest in baking and so I thought lamingtons would make a nice easy project. I bought a packet mix sponge cake and a whole lot of icing sugar and once I let …

Lemon Blondies

After the excitement of Berlin, pasta hacking and winning a Lurpak hamper for my Bad-ass toastie for #freestylefood month – this post feels rather boring in comparison. I’ve been so busy working on promoting Animal Music that I’ve got no stories to tell about this recipe except that it’s delicious.

lemon blondies, feedingtimeblog

Despite all the chaos, I’ve been baking quite a bit lately. I find the busier my life gets, the more I bake. I’ve come to accept that it’s most likely some kind of delicious release-valve. KT and I have made two batches of lamingtons and I’ve just put my elderflower

Bee-sting Choux Buns

I celebrated my 14th wedding anniversary recently and as you might guess, for such an ordinary number and because it was karate night, we did nothing. Well, we said we’d do nothing but AT bought me some lovely long-stem roses, and I made him some choux pastry. And yes, it was looking as boring as it sounds, so, like George and his medicine, I came up with something marvellous.


I’d intended to fill the profiteroles with custard, but as I bit into my test subject I was reminded of a much beloved German Bee-Sting cake. Without the need to bake …

Cosmic Donuts

Can you imagine how Stephen Hawking must have felt when the concept for the expanding universe dawned on him? Or how Tesla might have felt when he first realised the potential of wireless technology? That’s kind of how it was for me when I bit into some donuts that I made last week. It was like time and space was bending, the ether opened up and whispered to me the secrets of the universe and the cosmic recipe for the best donuts ever made.


You might think I’m exaggerating, but perhaps you’ve never tried to make donuts at home, or …

Double Chocolate Muffins

Well…we can’t be good all the time.


Here are the rules. Think of it like Fight Club but instead of fighting to escape spiritual somnambulance we’re fighting to escape the disappointment of below-average chocolate muffins. We’re fighting to make a chocolate muffin that rises above the ordinary, sets the bar, goes beyond…
This is a good recipe, but with care and love it can achieve greatness.

First Rule: Use hand-chopped Cadbury Bourneville dark chocolate, not chocolate chips.

Second Rule: Do not let these muffins over cook or they will be ordinary.  Keep a keen eye on oven, and your nose …

White Chocolate Blondie

Remember when I said I was looking to post more exciting, healthy recipes this year? I thought I might start at the bottom end of this aspiration and work my way up. I’ve been busy with some visiting friends and looking to try some fresh, light and tasty sides to go with our main meal tomorrow night. They’ve been gorging in France over the new year and I think they could use some greens so I’m going to try something with pea shoots and broad beans. But in the meantime, this recipe is perfect for anyone who wishes they could …