Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Peanut-butter choc-chip blondie

I’ll begin this post with personal anecdote that will make even those who don’t know my eldest son KT smile. On the way home from school I was explaining to him what a blondie is, and how I planned on making one as an alternative to my usual chocolate brownie – his favourite. I took my cue from Ina Garten who once made a blondie slice using her choc-chip cookie recipe dough. So I took the chance that, as Ina promised, I could simply make my cookie dough, press it into a tin and out would pop a blondie. Well …

Salty peanut chocolate slab

Asif AKA, The Duke Oh Delhi recently sent me a sample of his latest culinary alchemy. Little pots of Indian snack mixes unlike anything you ever tried. I’m not talking your average Bombay mix,  where the most exciting oxymoron is the odd sultana floating around in the mix. I’m talking about a sweet-and-salty-snacking madman who puts chocolate in his spicy mixes.

My brush with the Duke this week spurred me to share my own sweet and salty combination with you. In the quiet of my Maidenhead kitchen, when nobody is home, I have been secretly working on a chocolate recipe …

Caramel Chocolate Slice

We’re in the thick of it now. It’s cold most days and we got a dump of snow a couple of weeks ago. A blizzardy Friday meant the boys were picked up early from school and the town went into panic mode. Lucky for us, we don’t rely on our car. I had a little skid on our street on my way home from doing my grocery shopping before the storm hit which was a bit scary. The heavy fall meant a weekend stuck at home. But we made the most of it by building snow people. I took my …

The 12 Days of Christmas Food

I have taken the liberty of putting together a collection of 12 recipes that will see you through the festive season. As anyone who reads my blog would know, I always try to share recipes that are simple to make and yet deliver the best possible results. So, for your convenience, I present the 12 Days of Christmas of Food…

  1. Blue Cheese Gougeres – light puffs of pastry and blue cheese. Serve up as your guests arrive and use any cheese that takes your fancy.
  2. Lemon Meltaways – these tangy shortbread cookies make perfect gifts for the festive season.
  3. Cranberry

Anne’s Date and Walnut Slice

Anne from Brisbane has come in the Top 30 for the Lurpak Challenge with her Nana’s Walnut and Date Slice .

Click on the link to Anne’s Blog ‘Domesblissity‘ to vote for her slice and have a look at the old recipe her Nana wrote out and she still uses today.

I love the way Anne used her Nana’s china and linen for the photo as well.

Anne, I share your feelings about staging photos…but I do it so often now that it’s gone from supportive comments from my family, to patronising giggles and now I just get …

Jam and Coconut Slice

I came across this recipe in my efforts to make a home-made version of AT’s favourite cheap and nasty bakery treat – Jam and Coconut Slice. Like the ones he used to get at the bakery near his childhood home – yellow, gluey and streaked with a line of fluorescent pink ‘jam’. The kind with the dense, crumbly base and the juicy coconut top. Ok, so they weren’t THAT bad. And it was very mumsy of me to try and make the home-made version. These ones are lighter, more crumbly and taste of home-cooked goodness. Nothing like the original, mass-produced …

Maple Syrup Honeycomb



Honeycomb Recipe


1 cup sugar

55ml honey

40ml maple syrup

60g butter

1/2 tbs baking soda

250g chocolate, melted


Put the sugar, butter, syrup and honey into a pot and stir over medium heat.

Simmer for 5-7 minutes or until mixture reaches 150C (300F) on a sugar thermometer.

Take off the heat.

Add bi-carb soda.

Stir until golden and foamy.

Pour into a cake pan that has been lined and greased.

Set aside till cooled and hard.

Top with chocolate.

Notes on the Recipe

I would use milk chocolate, simply because I feel the whole thing would …

The Only Chocolate Brownie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

The Only Chocolate Brownie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

I stand by my outrageous claim that this is indeed, the best brownie recipe ever. In the world. I have made it countless times and it never fails to impress. It’s moist, rich, delicious hot or cold and thoroughly and deeply chocolatey.  It’s easy to make too. There’s no double-baking and not even a pinch of cocoa or coffee granules involved. This recipe wins out over all others because it’s made with excessive amounts of real chocolate. The result is a satisfying and tangible chocolate flavour.

The skill for this recipe is knowing when to take it out of the …