Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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A Foodie Pilgrimage to Sarajevo

I’ve become one of those people who holidays in the same place each year. I didn’t think I was that sort of person, but it turns out I am. I love to explore the world and embrace new and challenging holiday destinations, but when it comes to summer holidays, my family and I love to return to Croatia each year to sun ourselves on the stoney beach of Prigradica, eat our body-weight in ćevapčići and enjoy the view from our apartment. While we missed out on another island lunch with Captain Tomislav on this trip, we did get to try …

Local food-hero: Italian Continental Stores

When I moved to Britain I wanted to make sure my blog also felt like it had moved and changed to reflect my life here. So many things are different about life here compared to back in Sydney. Surprisingly the availability of food, equipment and services are much harder to come outside of London. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the availability of European and Asian (I don’t mean Indian) ingredients is harder to come by outside of the melting pot of London. I’m noticing small changes like the opening of the Thai shop and buffet on the High St, …

Wiltshire wonders; food to seek out when you’re out west

It’s something I’m rather proud of that didn’t involve feeding my face, so I’ll begin by saying that I walked over 14 miles on Sunday from Salisbury to Stone Henge. If you’re curious about the route, it’s something I found on the Saturday Walkers’ Club website. I was, I’ll admit, a little anxious about it because I’ve never walked that far before, but it was an amazing experience. Wiltshire is truly a magical and mysterious part of Britain and there is so much to see. Stone and wooden circles were our focus, and while we didn’t see it all by …

What makes a vibrant food scene?

Brew Lab coffee
Bar Kohl’s signature burger

I’ve just been to Edinburgh to visit my brother. Lucky for me we had a personal tour guide to take us around and select the best places to eat; and lucky for us Edinburgh has a vibrant and varied food scene with cuisine ranging from Brazilian to Indian street food, gourmet burgers to gourmet coffee. Eating out when you’re on holiday is always a bit hit-and-miss. When you’re not familiar with an area finding a suitable place for lunch or dinner can become an exercise in frustration ending in arguments. Before I go …

The spoils of summer in Croatia

The spoils of summer in Croatia

I have just returned from Korčula, Croatia for what has turned out to be our best family holiday. That combination of familiarity, independence and relaxation meant this was our best experience yet of our favourite beach-side spot.  The boys were old enough this time to swim by themselves and explore the rocks and we even managed an island-hopping boat tour kindly arranged by my dad. The food was, as ever, amazing. Loads of grilled meat and our favourite little ćevapčićis appearing at most meal times. We celebrated dad’s birthday with lobster buzara and AT’s birthday with another visit to the

Happy Anniversary

In post-war Australia they needed a boost to the population. Ten-pound poms and various other migrants on similar schemes were shipped and flown to Australian shores up until the ’80s. A condition of the cheap tickets offered to people from Britain and the continent was that they were obliged to stay for 2 years. After that, they could do what they liked.

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary last week. 2 yrs since we left Sydney and landed in London. I said good bye to endless days of sunshine and clear skies to a life that is a bit more …

The food in Madrid

We’ve been meaning to get to Spain for some time and finally the moment arrived when AT and I agreed that it would make the perfect spot for our 2013 trip without the kids. The main reason we chose Madrid was to see the art and spent roughly half of each day wandering the halls of the Prado, The Reina Sophia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza and being confounded, moved and amazed by the work of guys like Goya, Bosch and Picasso. Of course the food was of interest. I am a big fan of snack food and so to visit a …

Sojourn in the south of France

Travel can become a double-edged sword. The more you travel, the harder it is to achieve those precise moments of awe and amazement that you seek. But I like to think that instead of dulling my sensitivities, my travel experience has improved my ability to identify the beautiful and unique elements that differentiate this country from that one, the things that make a place special.


We spent the new year period staying at a friend’s house in Cavaillon which is in the Vaucluse Department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France. The converted barn replete with ancient timber beams …

German Christmas Markets

German Christmas Markets


Over the weekend my family met in Rothenburg, Germany for some festive family fun. We met on Friday night at the Guesthouse Eberlein and promptly headed towards the old medieval town for dinner at the potato restaurant. So called because of their flair with the much loved root vegetable. It was marvelous. Beer and potato cakes followed by pork shanks, Franciscan sausages, schnitzel and all kinds of potatoes were bought to our table of nine. We made merry into the evening and in a haze of powerful apple schnapps we wandered into the old town. It was like a winter …

Paris, I get it now

Might seem like an odd photograph to start with. Why show an empty coffee cup when one’s imagination fills with the possibilities that a weekend in Paris could have, should have yielded. As I write this I’m feeling a little bit sad. I’m eating cheese that I bought back from Paris, on bread that I bought in a boulangerie on St Lazare. I’ve never felt this sad to leave a place and never felt so certain that I will return. The empty coffee cup you see in the photo is from Les Deux Magots in St Germain; a cafe once …