Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Welcome to 2016!

Feeding Time Blog

I took this photo when I got up really early one morning while on holiday. The calm and beauty of a sunrise reminds me of what it feels like to welcome the new year. After the chaos of Christmas, you get a chance to unwind for a few days to reflect on what’s been and dream about what lies ahead. Everything feels still and quiet for one precious, brief moment.

And then school starts, work resumes and you start thinking about appointments, booking trips, things to achieve and goals to work towards and once again the wheels creak into action. …

Educational Eating in Scotland

So you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the person who crossed 3 borders and drove for most of a day over rough terrain to eat cevapi in Sarajevo, also travelled for 6 hours in a train and spent 3 nights in Edinburgh to do nothing else but eat. I’m not kidding. I didn’t see sites, I didn’t enter one museum and I did not learn a single thing that I did not absorb via my digestive tract. But surely I can be forgiven? I’ve been to Edinburgh before, I’ve witnessed the fine city during Fringe Festival and taken …

Local Food Hero: Daniel

I could never bring myself to pay over £20 for a garlic press. Even £11 seems steep to me, and this is because I’ve owned expensive garlic presses in the past and they’ve never been very good. I have one criteria for the perfect press and that’s no removable parts. Not easy to find let me tell you. However, after scouring Windsor for this humble kitchen tool, I was frankly surprised that I would find exactly what I was after at Daniel. They had a few to choose from which is impressive for a small department store and I found …

Coffee, tea and …lino cuts

I’m breaking with convention today. This might come as a shock, but I’m not going to write about food. Today I’m going to write about art. I’ve been helping to promote the first Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail in recent months and the event finally took place over the weekend. Completely organised by the artists exhibiting at the trail, the Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail came into being when a cooperative of like-minded artists felt there was enough creativity in the area to warrant a local trail. There are trails in Wokingham, Buckinghamshire, Henley but not one for Maidenhead.


I …

Walnut and fig tart


Am I the only person who occasionally buys canned food because I like the design of the packaging? I found these Baldjis figs in Waitrose recently and thought they just looked lovely, trouble is, I don’t really like figs. I knew I’d be able to bake them into something acceptable and so came up with the idea to make a tart like a pecan pie, except using figs and my favoured nut, the walnut. Walnuts are highly underrated in today’s kitchen and I sing their praises when I can. Walnuts shouldn’t taste bitter. It’s only because they’ve turned rancid (as …

Food for the birds; home made fatballs

To an Aussie – the word ‘fatballs’ could only have one possible meaning, and it’s not until I moved to the UK that I encountered the use of this word in relation to wildlife and birds. If you want to be the envy of all your wild-life-loving neighbours, start making home-made fatballs. Not only can they get really expensive to buy, but they look as if they contain dubious ingredients and like us,  birds like good food too. I can tell they prefer my fatballs because they’re almost all gone just a day or two after I put them out, …

Another year, another oven

After a much needed break this Christmas, I’m looking forward to a good year. I hope 2014 is treating you all well so far, for me it’s been a great start. We moved. Again. But this time it’s a little more permanent, we bought a property in a nearby village called Cookham. The move was hectic as it happened just before Christmas but we got settled in time to enjoy our first Christmas in our new home. I am still tinkering with the arrangements  in my new kitchen because it’s huge. I mean huge, for British standards anyway. It covers …

Sorry for the delay

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Sorry about that…I’ve been so busy with various projects, namely a new one called Fifteen Questions. I am editing the site with my friend Tobias from Berlin who also loves food and music. Anyway, for anyone interested, please do check out the site, . We’re working on releasing an ebook all about Animals and Music in December, so please stay tuned.

The weather finally gave in and it’s officially cold. I came home with pink-tipped nose today. We had a lovely mild October and now that many of the leaves have dropped the …

Why is it so?

I am having a cookie conundrum. I made my usual choc-chip cookie, for the umpteenth time, and lately I have been taking special care to measure out the butter and peanut butter, to get a more consistent result. Now I feel like I’m going crazy because I am getting these different results even though I am making them the same way. I have included a photo to demonstrate my point.

If anyone has any ideas about why this is happening, please tell me!!

Wabi Sabi

When ever I make mash potatoes, it never turns out to be perfect. There’s usually lumps, sometimes it’s a little too dry or wet. When I make macaroni it doesn’t always turn out the same either, some times it’s good, sometimes it’s great. You could say this about every thing I make. You might even relate to this game of kitchen hit-and-miss yourself. Cooking at home, and for a family can be hard work. You don’t always have what you need, sometimes you have to improvise and sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

But it is this culinary imperfection …