Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

A Maiden Voyage and a journey home.

I thought this post was nice way to commemorate the maiden voyage of my new oven, and the return home of a seasoned journey-woman.

Nana’s (that’s my mum) arrived home from one of her pilgramages to Japan early this morning.

As usual, she bought back some lovely gifts for us all.

Here you can see a strawberry bath bomb she bought for LT, he loves strawberries.

And the adorable terry-cloth tea towel, decorated with strawberries that she bought back for me.

Here is the too-cute-for-words puffer fish bowl, mum bought for the boys.

Plus the usual array of strange, chewy, spongy and odd-flavoured candies and tiny decorative bowls that she loves so much.

And now…the new oven.

Is it just me or is mine the most ill-equipped oven in Australia?

It has no light, no temperature indicator, no timer, no auto flame ignition…

I feel like I’m baking in the fifties, compared to the whiz-bang monster I took for granted all these years.

However, the pizza I made on Friday was one of the best ever. The base was baked through and crisp and unlike any I’ve made before.

I made some muffins, that took almost an hour to cook! Yet to try these…

I made a pecan pie…but my glass baking dish and this apparently SLOW oven meant it wasn’t cooked all the way through. Even after nearly twice the cooking time recommended!

I am now baking some choc-chip cookies.

Just took the first tray out and I must say, I think this little darlin’ was built for baking biscuits!!!

They are cooked beautifully.

My hopes are lifting.

If I can come to terms with the extra time I will need for baking now – my last oven was exceedingly fast and hot (the saucy minx)- I can foresee a long and illustrious relationship between and my new oven.

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