Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Cocktails on a Monday Night

My adventures writing for Foodepedia have taken me to all corners of London, trying food and meeting people that I would never otherwise meet, including Michelin starred chefs and fellow food bloggers. My favourite thing to do though is attend events with my sister VC. We have been on many outings together and have done everything from courses on Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and slicing jamon from the bone, to sitting in a quiet corner of a book launch, hiding the evidence of our canope coup under our chairs, to sipping cocktails on the rooftop of The Trafalgar Hotel, over looking the Admiral himself and drunkenly giggling at the gold-painted performers.

Last night was no exception. Although this time it was a rather more sedate affair, it was no less enjoyable than our previous outings. We were attending a cocktail masterclass given by mixologist Milos Popovic at Le Pont de la Tour situated just below the towering Tower Bridge. We arrived late and hungry, no surprises there, and were seated at the long, sleek bar of the bistro that is one of many restaurants that line the Thames at Butlers Wharf. We snacked on deep fried slices of beetroot, parsnip and courgette. When I say snacked, I’m being polite. I virtually inhaled the bar snacks in an effort to quiet the hungry beast inside me and also to prevent any alcohol induced illness. I’m not a good drinker on an empty stomach. The snacks were really nice. I’ll have to try them at home, and actually I’ve been throwing peeled slices of parsnip into my roast potatoes lately, discovering the delights of that particularly fragrant root vegetable in smaller doses.

It was a course focused on champagne cocktails and we started with Bellini’s, which is a simple combo of white peach nectar and proseco (Italian sparkling wine). I’ve never had anything so delicate and delicious. This one’s going on the list for Christmas cocktails this year (Mum:did you catch that?). How did I get to the age of 34 without trying one of these? We then moved on to gin based cocktails that were very citrusy and not at all sweet. I wouldn’t say I would pick these as favourites, but I think AT would definitely enjoy them. He’s the kind of person that actually likes the punch of gin and tequila. I am not one of those people. My immature palate prefers the sweeter spirits like brandy, bourbon and the subtlety of vodka.

Anyway, we had a fine old time chatting with the bar guys and drinking our cocktails. The antipasto plate they bought out did go some way to smooth over any lingering hunger pangs. We finished off with the sweeter Mojito Royal (which is a white rum base) and Pimm’s Special Cup which was poured from white teapots steaming from the dry ice inside. I do love a Pimm’s and this was a nice way to conclude the event. Please read my article on Foodepedia for a full run down of the evening.

On the walk home we crossed Tower Bridge and my goodness, what an affirmation of London’s splendour and majesty. It was blowing an icy gale up there, but we couldn’t help but stop to take photos. We passed the Tower of London, lit up at night looking like time has stood still, and again reminding us of how special this city is and how lucky we are to be here.

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