Dinner on the Farm

On our most recent holiday to Croatia, we had the opportunity to celebrate my Dad’s birthday together as a family. We enjoyed the generous hospitality of relatives for the occasion. They made dinner for us all at their remote farm located about ten minutes out of the main village. We ate in the shade of a glorious walnut tree as the warm, sun settled behind us. V&V served up the tastiest grilled pork I’ve ever eaten along side bread, blitva – a traditional Dalmation dish, and salad made with home-grown vegetables and home-made wine.

Definitive rustic splendour.

Here, you can see the traditional cooking area they have created in their modest, stone farm house.

 Many thanks to V&V for their hospitality.


3 thoughts on “Dinner on the Farm”

  • Good day and I love your blog! We are spending a month in Croatia in September finding off the beaten path places to photograph and bring back to South Africa to market as a holiday destination for South Africans. I would love to meet some of the local people and photograph some local food preparation to market through our food and wine magazines. Would you be able to put us onto any of the local people who may be interested in showing us their beautiful country and remote places? Thank you kindly
    Lisa Adams
    Food stylist for Vaughan Adams Photography

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