Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Endless cupcakes and enormous cake tins

The dust has finally settled after a whirlwind Christmas/New Year period. I haven’t mentioned Christmas because it was ruined. My whole family came down with influenza. We tossed and turned with fevers and delirious sleep for days. Luckily my mum, dad, brother and sister didn’t get the flu, they were able to celebrate an otherwise perfect Christmas unaffected by the lurgy.  The house looked like a scene from the wild west when we returned from Mum’s over Christmas. We only had a couple of days to do our laundry and pack our bags once again for our trip to France, and so the house remained in disarray. When we got back from France we had mountains of washing, an empty fridge, my birthday, school starting and leaving work to deal with.


I didn’t renew my contract at the Maidenhead Advertiser, and so my last day was on Wednesday. I was sad to leave but it was the right time for me. I had not expected that anyone would notice I was gone, let alone receive a gift and signed card from the editorial department. I was truly touched by the kindness of my lovely lady boss and the staff who pitched in to get me an enormous cake tin and even a bunch of winter blooms. The tin really is massive and actually the only cake tin I have come across that is fit for purpose. All other cake tins I’ve owned have been dismally inadequate. This one however, would have to be at least 35cm in diameter and deep enough to hold the contents of a small apartment.


I made use of it on Friday when I took over 30 cupcakes into school for LT’s birthday. Of course his actual birthday was Christmas Day but his teacher advised that I bring the cake in after the excitement of Christmas. He’d been going on about have a Ben Ten party months earlier, but I managed to avoid that disaster by compromising with Ben Ten cupcakes for his school class. That’s 13 boys, 15 girls and 3 teachers which translates to 4 batches of my never-fail cupcakes,two batches of icing (green for the boys, pink for the girls) and cutting out 15 edible Ben Ten cupcake wafers. 4 hour, 8 eggs, 4 packets of butter, 1 box of icing sugar and 4 cups of sugar later, the job was done.

I sound ungracious but I did not anticipate the time and ingredients required for this task. I should have just bought packet mix cake. I should have invested in another cupcake pan. But, I didn’t. Instead I got to know what it feels like to run a small catering business for a day. I drove 3 boxes of cupcakes into school later in the day and still have 2 of them waiting for me to pick up on Monday morning. The positive side of this exercise was utilising my 3-tier stack-able cooling racks, taking my new cake tin on its maiden voyage, realising that I’m not cut out for my pop-up cake stall fantasy, and last but definitely not least, making my little Christmas baby feel special. I wish I could have seen his face when the class sang Happy Birthday and when he handed out the cakes to the children on their way out of class Friday afternoon. The things we do for love.


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  • Ahhh, the Ben 10 Birthday cake, I remember it well! Bronson’s was a round cake, an “omnitrix” with green and chocolate icing that ran and blurred so badly we used chocolate buds to re-establish the necessary triangle like parameters of an omnitrix in action. You’re a wonderful Mum Lara!

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