Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Collapsible colanders

Yes, the kitchen at our first home in Battersea was tiny. And I mean tiny. However, it did have lots of cupboards and shelving to make up for the lack of space. Yes, the kitchen here in our 2nd home in Maidenhead is a lot bigger (and nicer). And while I may not be able to see anything outside my kitchen window besides my fence, suburban living has its compensations. Now that we have all of our things shipped from Australia I have a lot of appliances and general kitchen miscellany to store and frankly this kitchen isn’t up to the task. I am surviving of course. For example I need a colander, and have needed one for some time, but I just cannot find the place to store it. Colanders are big and they take up room that I’m not willing allocate for such an annoying and yet essential piece of kitchen equipment.

But today’s consumer-driven world tends to find solutions to our niggling first world problems. I found the perfect solution for people with small kitchens and a desire to own a colander. It’s a collapsible colander by Zing, the people who make all those silicone gadgets. I got mine at TK Maxx for £2.99. But you can get one online for under £5 on Amazon or places like UHS. Not too bad when you’ll spend at least twice that on a pretty one. I have a terribly tight purse when it comes to certain kitchen ware. I can’t explain why. We all have our priorities and mine don’t lie in colanders at the moment.

Speaking of silicone, apart from the odd utensil, I try to avoid it where possible, and again I can’t explain why. I don’t trust the rubbery plastic to keep it’s chemicals to itself at high temperatures. Another thing I avoid is teflon but it so difficult to do so. I was looking for stainless steel baking trays because the ones I had (cheap ones that I bought when I first moved to the UK) have all started to scratch and shed their coating. This can’t be good. And I don’t believe that expensive brands are any better because I have seen those in my mother’s kitchen and they also scratch and peel. I’ve also read that it’s poisoness, in the same low-grade fashion that plastic is. Over time it all counts. At high temperatures it counts.

It’s not easy to find stainless steel cookware anymore, it seems teflon-coating rules in the world of ovenware. So today, I was forced to buy glass and I am already regretting it. I read on the label don’t put hot trays on wet or cold surfaces, don’t wash it with scratchy scrubbers, don’t do this, don’t do that. Plus they’re heavy and breakable – a very bad  combination in my kitchen where nothing is safe. I’ve melted the handle of our coffee machine’s group. I’ve scorched chopping boards and chipped all manner of glass and ceramic items.

Bit boring this post really, but I’m in the mood to share and I was really pleased with my new colander.

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