Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

My taste of the good life

There are perks in my line of work, like once I got some really nice beauty products, and another time I got some free Ryvitas…which was not that exciting I must admit, but last week I got to try out a food service that’s been launched in Maidenhead. It’s called Hello Fresh, and the lovely PR people sent me a box with meals for three nights. I should mention, this isn’t a paid bit, I reviewed it for the Tiser (as it’s affectionately called by staff, which for now includes me). But I was so impressed with the whole thing that I thought I’d share it.

OK, so sorry for all those non-UK readers, you’re going to get really jealous here…but perhaps there’s something similar in your area…

Hello Fresh is a food delivery system that delivers boxes of food to your door. But it’s not a random assortment of vegetables. The boxes contain recipes and the precise amount of food to make the specified meals all portioned up and ready to go. We tried mozarella-stuffed  beef burgers that were simply inspired. We also enjoyed the chicken, pancetta and pea meal. The fancy little recipe card tells you exactly what to do and smarty pants’ like me can always make small adjustments of course, but they’re created by a chef with consideration to nutrition, deliciousness and time.

It was luxurious not having to think about what to make for dinner three nights in a row and to not have to worry if I’ve got the right things in the cupboard and not be concerned that it’s a calorific blow out. The food was nice and simple, using good fresh ingredients. The whole service is perfect for super busy people who still want to eat well. It might suit a mother who’s just had a baby, someone who’s recovering from an operation, or a family going through some sort of thing where good home cooking isn’t a priority. I imagine it would also be ideal for people who weren’t confident to cook but wanted to start learning. It’s just a good thing…and it promotes good eating – which is always worthwhile.

I was so impressed I even kept the recipe cards. I can taste those mozarella stuffed beef burgers now as I type…

The details: 

The cost:

At most, the meals will cost £13 per night (per couple) and gets cheaper the more meals and the more people you’re feeding.



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