Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

New Wiki Project looking for Contributors

I was approached by MyCityCuisine to promote their search for contributors for their new Wiki project.

A wiki site is a like a user-defined information management tool, the most famous being Wikipedia of course.

You know me, I’m always keen to lend a hand when it comes to food related things and I really like this idea of MyCityCuisine.

Here’s what one of their contributors had to say;

The project’s goal is to help travelers discover local foods from all over the world.
Food is an integral part of the local culture so naturally tasting local food is high on most traveler’s to-do list.
However, until now there has been no single comprehensive source for this information.
 The MyCityCuisine project aims to fill this void.  If you’d like to learn more about the project, please take a look at

There’s also a cool free app available for the project, so you can find out what the local bests are from your iphone. Super cool.

Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert. In more modern times it is usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey, and fresh raspberries topped with toasted oatmeal. It is sometimes called Atholl Brose (which is more properly a drink using similar ingredients). Earlier recipes used crowdie cheese rather than (or as well as) cream, and were sometimes called cream-crowdie.

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