Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Secret Tea Room

AT and I got a night out on Friday night and after much speculation about which area, which pub, good food or good atmosphere, we decided to eat at a well reviewed pub.

I don’t mean a gastro pub (which is like fancy foodie pubs) I mean a normal pub that serves decent food.

We chose the Coach and Horses Pub on Greek St, Soho.

We had no idea that in fact we had picked a famous London pub, with a rich history and celebrity culture!

At first we were unsure because it was full to the brim with Friday’s after-work crowd and we couldn’t see any free tables. So we asked to sit in the upstairs dining room.

Up a rickety flight of spiral stairs we came into a lovely dining room with tables dressed in white linen and flowers on every one in a random asortment of vases and teapots.

There was love in this room. I could feel it. And three-tiered cake stands…was it tea time?

Apparently we had stumbled into Soho’s Secret Tearoom. And they serve tea and cakes until 9pm.

Something to keep in mind for the future.

Lucky for us they were also serving dinner. And while they didn’t have the beef burgers we had chosen from the small menu, they had my second choice; fish and chips.

A small menu in my mind is always a good sign. It means they might not do a lot of dishes, but the ones they serve are made well.

The Coach and Horses was no exception, serving up possibly the best fish and chips I’d had since coming to London.

It looked a bit over cooked but, it was all just fine. The batter was incredible, the fish was perfect and the peas were fresh. Just lovely.

As we dined, we looked out our little window, past the fushcias and into the street scene where men and women were de-briefing from a busy work week with beers in their hand.

After dinner we moved on to our favourite watering hole, The Bear and Staff in Leicester Square.

We love this pub because it’s in a great spot, that’s perfect for people watching, with crowds zig-zagging in and out of streets and cabs, coming out of the theatre and looking for a good time in Soho.

They play the best music and have a decent selection of ales and lagers. The food is nothing special, but it’ll do.


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