Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

The Dew Drop Inn

I felt the change of seasons in the air a few days ago. Waking up it’s cool in the mornings and in the evenings I’ve had to put a jumper on for the first time in months. While we are still being spoilt with sunshine and warm days I sense that we’ve turned the corner into autumn. You won’t hear me complaining. As much as I’ve relished the warm and sunny days of this spectacular summer I am looking forward to cooler nights, brisk mornings and the colourful fading of summer’s glory.IMG_2891

With the kids at mum’s for the weekend, AT and I decided to walk to one of our favourite pubs in the area – The Dew Drop Inn. We’ve been there before with the kids and it’s the first pub on our list to take visitors to because of it’s cosy locale in the woods of Hurley and not least because the food there is top notch. Every time we drive up Honey Lane and into the bush I can’t help but tease the boys about werevolves and vampires, but this time it was I who was on the look out as we tramped home in the dusk over the unsealed road. The pub dates back to the 1600s according to the website and was apparently visited by the famous highway man Dick Turpin in his hey-day.

It took about one and a half hours for us to get there from our house. Not a bad little hike at all and a great way to work up an appetite. The Bath Rd leg of the walk was not that exciting but as we walked through Burchett’s Green and up Honey Lane it felt like a real country walk. We even saw a doe and her fawn peering at us  from the wooded left side of the lane but they ran away as soon as our eyes met. As usual the Dew Drop Inn welcomed us with the intimate lounge-style entry and low ceilings. It wasn’t that busy when we arrived but the atmosphere was inviting and as usual the staff were friendly and efficient.

With our eye on the time, we weren’t up for a long and leisurely meal, as we wanted to head off by sun set. With our belly’s grumbling after our big walk we went straight for the fish and chips which was incredible. Crispy batter, homemade tartare sauce and the biggest juiciest piece of cod I’ve ever seen. Every time I eat here, and this was no exception, I just know that there is love in the food. The chef loves cooking and you can really see and taste it every dish. From the delicious salad garnish to the perfectly cooked chips, every element of our dinner was perfect. To my dismay the lemon posset was not available, so I made do with sticky toffee pudding and AT had the treacle tart. Both were lovely, served up with a particularly nice vanilla-bean ice cream.


I know it’s not much of a food review as far as a detailed breakdown of a three course meal. But I don’t usually eat like that anyway and what’s more I don’t like to describe food too much. I’ve been to The Dew Drop Inn several times and each time it has been excellent. It’s my first choice of pubs in the area because it’s a great spot and the food is excellent without being overpriced. I can see why Dick Turpin might have made this his local watering hole – perfectly hidden in the wilds of Berkshire but not too far away from the action.


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