Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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My dad is from a little island on the Dalmatian coast and the food they eat in those parts is very simple and yet superbly delicious. Mostly the locals eat grilled meats and fish accompanied with bread, salad and a dish they call blitva. Blitva is a vegetable usually made with silver beet or swiss chard and potato, but it can be made with anything from broad beans or zucchini or as I like to use, broccoli and sometimes green beans.

I use broccoli in my blitva because the flavour is mild and better for the kids…chard and silver beet …

A Foodie Pilgrimage to Sarajevo

I’ve become one of those people who holidays in the same place each year. I didn’t think I was that sort of person, but it turns out I am. I love to explore the world and embrace new and challenging holiday destinations, but when it comes to summer holidays, my family and I love to return to Croatia each year to sun ourselves on the stoney beach of Prigradica, eat our body-weight in ćevapčići and enjoy the view from our apartment. While we missed out on another island lunch with Captain Tomislav on this trip, we did get to try …


It’s been weeks now since my holiday in Croatia and I still think about the meal that Captain Tomislav cooked up for our island picnic. I am yet to try making popara, the light fish stew that he made because I’ll have to get my hands on some crab and prawns in the shell, and in my limited daily routine – this will not be easy. So in the meantime I have consoled myself with something much easier to rustle up; pogača or pogacha. When some friends visiting from Prižba came to stay with us when I was a teenager, …


I have a little recipe book where I keep all my cuttings and family recipes. Its pages are splattered with flour and other ingredients, and some of the pages are even stuck together. Scattered through out this book are mysterious little post its with hand-written and very scant recipes for various Croatian sweeties. Sweeties for recipes that my mum and I love, but find hard to track down. Something you might not know about some people, is that sometimes they don’t share the entire recipe with you. You’ll get enough to get you a good result, but often a little …

Success at the summer fair

Well, I am pleased to report that our Croatian food stall at the Summer Fair was a resounding success. I’d been having restless nights leading up to the day…I’d been anticipating (I won’t say ‘dreading’) it ever since I signed up for it, knowing it would be a big day. I’m one of those people who can’t do something half-heartedly. I have to throw myself into everything. I imagine it’s hereditary because I know someone else like that. Dad had said he would help with the BBQ and Mum said she’d make oblatne for the stall. On the day, they …

The food in Croatia

I just realised I forgot to blog about the food I encountered while holidaying in Croatia recently.

There were a few highlights, one of those being the Lobster meal we ate as a family on our last night in Prigradica.

Dad had organised one of the local restaurants to cook us up a three course extravaganza of salted fish, octopus salad for entree, then lobster buzara for our main meal followed by grilled, whole fish and blitva.

Not as glamourous as this special meal, were our daily lunches that I prepared in our little kitchen.

VC was joining on the …