Mum made kifli the other day.

So I thought I’d photograph the event and share it with you all.

Kifli is an Eastern European sweet treat that is made by rolling biscuit dough over a dollop of jam.

These little crescent delights are not exclusively Croatian, as my research uncovered, but this here is a Croatian recipe given to my mum .
These biscuits are so good they disappear from any kitchen bench in record time. I remember having friends from school over who would look at these biscuits in curiosity and go on to eat their fair share!

My whole family truly loves these biscuits, and I am lucky enough that my mum is still motivated enough to bake these wonderful treats for everyone. I have not yet attempted this recipe…and don’t anticipate I will have to as long as mum is there to spoil us all!

Kifli Recipe


5 cups SR flour

3 eggs

1 cup SR Cream

125g butter 1 cup sugar

Jam (one that is very solid, not at all runny)



Mix softened butter with sour cream and beat in eggs.

Add sugar and flour, mix well.

When combined, put out on a floured bench and knead for a few minutes, so it all comes together nicely.

Roll into a log shape and cut into 5 equal pieces.

Roll each one out like a pizza, about a 1/4 inch thick (about 5mm).

Cut into 16 wedge shaped slices,sort of like you would slice a pizza. (see photo)

Place a tsp of jam on the thick edge of the wedge and roll up.

Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown.


Here is another recipe that hails from the Croatian cuisine.

While not exclusively Croatian, probably more Eastern European, this dish can be found from Turkey, to Greece and everywhere in between and can also be called burek or gibanica, as they say in Serbia.

Many places sell it as street food and it can come in varieties sweet and savoury.

I have found a very authentic recipe for Cheese Pita at Cafe Chocolada – for the intrepid but, if you’re like me and break out in a cold sweat at the thought of making your own filo pastry, then see below for my recipe.

I say ‘my’ it’s not mine. I don’t know who or where it came from all I know is that my aunty gave me these cooking instructions.

Cheese Pita Recipe


6 eggs

1 500g tub of cottage cheese

1 250ml tub of sour cream

1 packet of filo pastry

OVEN at 180C


Mix the eggs, cheese and sour cream in a bowl.

Lay a sheet of filo on the bottom of a greased baking tray.

Then scrunch one sheet on top of that.

Then ladle a couple of spoonfuls of the eggs mixture evenly onto the filo.

Then repeat about three times. Except use two sheets of scrunched filo per layer.

Make the top layer a little smoother and put the last of the egg mixture on the top.

Bake for about 20 minutes? Not sure really…go by look.

It should look like this:

This meal is great at room temperature on the day of baking, and also cold or re-heated the next day. I recommend leaving it cool in the pan a little before eating, as the egg sometimes needs to set.

I keep my pita sealed in a plastic container in the fridge for about 4-5 days.

You could try making this recipe adding spinach, or ricotta cheese or perhaps mixing a little spring onion into the mix.