Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Everyone once in a while when the wind blows in a certain way and the stars align, my sister and I will get together for dinner and drink wine and watch a DVD. Over time it came to be known as Nacho Night, because while at first we might have tried various meals to enjoy on our sisterly night, it soon became clear that we were really only interested in one particular recipe. Yep, you guessed it. But it’s not the nachos I want to talk about today. Our nachos are great, but we don’t deviate much from the Old …

Sweet Ricotta Panzerotti

Sweet Ricotta Panzerotti

I don’t make panzerotti very often and if I still lived in Sydney I never would have even tried. You could buy them in a little Italian cake shop in a place called Haberfield – and I was always glad for an excuse to go into this Italian suburb to max out on freshly made Italian cheeses, bread and cakes. But you cannot find anything even similar here in the UK, and when I do make these fried pockets of goodness, I always remember the time my mum bought one into the hospital for me the morning after I’d given …

Local Food Hero: Pierozek Polish Delicatessen

Have you ever walked into a shop on Edgeware Rd or Chinatown  in London and felt transported to another place? I love nothing more than walking into a deli or grocer and being immersed in the delights of another culture. Since moving to Maidenhead I found this experience a little more difficult to come by, but I’ve since found some hidden treasures like the Continental Stores on Denmark St and Gordon Store on Gordon St and most recently I discovered the Polish deli on Market St right in the heard of Maidenhead.

Feeding Time Blog

I’d known the Pierozek Polish Delicatessen had been …

Welcome to 2016!

Feeding Time Blog

I took this photo when I got up really early one morning while on holiday. The calm and beauty of a sunrise reminds me of what it feels like to welcome the new year. After the chaos of Christmas, you get a chance to unwind for a few days to reflect on what’s been and dream about what lies ahead. Everything feels still and quiet for one precious, brief moment.

And then school starts, work resumes and you start thinking about appointments, booking trips, things to achieve and goals to work towards and once again the wheels creak into action. …

Best-ever Bad-ass Toastie


Ok, so I burnt the outside a little bit. I don’t make toasted sandwiches much these days but when I do, they tend to be pretty amazing. This one even has a name, we used to call it the ‘Dolce’. We named all our sandwiches back when we had cafe, waaaaay back in the late 90s in the corporate ghetto of North Sydney. This one is called The Dolce because in classical music, when you play something ‘dolce’ you play it softly and sweetly and that is kind of what this sandwich is all about. All the softness of the …

An Ethiopian Adventure with Sarah Parfitt

It’s not often that we get to escape the comfort zone, that’s because it’s nice being comfortable. But once in a while, an opportunity arises that pushes you out into a world that’s very different from your own daily experience. Sarah Parfitt was fortunate enough to have one of these adventures when she went to Gende Tesfa in Eastern Ethiopia for a week. Her goal was to set up a community journalism project and a school link between Holy Trinity School here in Cookham and the Gende Tesfa School. It’s been 30 years since the famine in Ethiopia and Sarah

Lebanese pastries; Ladies Arms (Znoud El Sett)

Back home there was a suburb of Sydney that was home to several Lebanese pastry shops. They sold sweets like baklava, halva, and all sorts of exotic middle eastern delicacies. We used to take a 40 minute drive just to have coffee and sweets there, or buy a plate to bring to a dinner party. The main difference in Britain is that most suburbs outside of London do not have the demand and hence the supply for this sort of thing, and I’ll be darned if I’m driving into Edgeware Rd to get my baklava fix. Funny how I don’t …

Caramel coconut slice

Caramel coconut slice

There’s not a lot that needs to be said along side a recipe like this. One of AT’s all-time favourite recipes, I make this at our own peril, as we’re the only ones who really eat it. The kids haven’t twigged yet. It can look a little ugly, it crumbles and if you don’t let it set for long enough after baking, you’ll have a giant mess on your hands. But with the right approach this can be a truly heavenly culinary experience.

IMG_5407Caramel Coconut Slice Recipe

For the base
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup SR flour
1/2 cup …

Walnut and fig tart


Am I the only person who occasionally buys canned food because I like the design of the packaging? I found these Baldjis figs in Waitrose recently and thought they just looked lovely, trouble is, I don’t really like figs. I knew I’d be able to bake them into something acceptable and so came up with the idea to make a tart like a pecan pie, except using figs and my favoured nut, the walnut. Walnuts are highly underrated in today’s kitchen and I sing their praises when I can. Walnuts shouldn’t taste bitter. It’s only because they’ve turned rancid (as …

Duck confit and pommes sarladaise

I’ve been missing the food from home a bit lately. This week I wanted to make a seafood soup, with a variety of shell fish and prawns and was so disappointed that I had to use a pre-cooked selection. I managed to find green prawns in the shell, which is essential for a good stock, but the crab and mussels came from a pre-cooked frozen package and I can confirm that yes – they tasted horrible. In Sydney I would have gone to my local fish shop and bought my pick of prawns, crab, mussels and fish and it would …