Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Christmas walnut truffles


For Christmas this year I’m baking another round of sweet treats for the teachers, neighbours and locals. Because things are a bit hectic around here, I kept this year’s selection simple and yet they’ve turned out to be the most festive to date. I’ve tinkered with the clotted cream truffle recipe to create a walnut truffle, and I’ve made lavender shortbread cookies and cranberry and pistachio chocolate rounds which are apparently all the rage in Paris.


Today I’ll share the walnut truffle recipe. So far  I’ve had some great feedback and so I hope you’ll get some good results with …

Cranberry Christmas Crackles

It seems there’s no end in sight for my Christmas creations this year….Hot on the trail of the peanut butter cups, I decided I had to have some White Christmas.Well, that’s what we call it here in Australia…not sure if anything like it is made around the world. But you see there’s a problem. I don’t really like the ingredients of the traditional White Christmas. No, I’m not talking about coconut the milk powder, I’m talking about the glace cherries, candied citrus and sultanas.So, I figured out a way to enjoy all my favourite parts of this old fashioned slice, …

Sugared Nuts

I am making a few home-made treats for the family for Christmas this year, and one of those will be some sugared almonds for my dad. Many years ago when I visited Croatia, we had stopped by an old family friend’s place for a drink and they served up some home made sugared almonds to have with our coffee. I will never forget them. They were so imperfect and wonderfully sweet and crunchy. They were nothing like the Vienna Almonds you can buy at the store…even though I love those too (I am a massive sucker for nuts  – candied …