Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Not such a stranger, not such a strange land

There’s no food here today. I just wanted to talk about being here. I had a moment the other day when I realised that I had finally experienced what I came here for. I moved here not for the glamour of London or the endless holiday possibilities – although both of these are huge bonuses.  I moved here to embroil myself in the culture of England, to see and hear and talk and commune with the people of this land. But that sort of thing doesn’t happen straight away. I felt like a visitor for so long and at first …

Why is it so?

I am having a cookie conundrum. I made my usual choc-chip cookie, for the umpteenth time, and lately I have been taking special care to measure out the butter and peanut butter, to get a more consistent result. Now I feel like I’m going crazy because I am getting these different results even though I am making them the same way. I have included a photo to demonstrate my point.

If anyone has any ideas about why this is happening, please tell me!!

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

I love beetroot. I love it so much that I made a cake with it. I put it in every salad and love to eat it with goats cheese and everything else really. At work we get a lot of press releases from PR companies who’s clients sell fresh produce, like beetroot. I was sent a press release for beetroot the other day – strange I know – and I checked out the site for recipes. I found one for a chocolate and beetroot cake and went home that day and made it.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned …

Butter is better

Just thought I’d share my thoughts on butter. This has nothing to do with my Lurpak feature last year, it just happens that I do actually buy Lurpak spreadable butter. But I’ll tell you why. Years ago when I started making food for the kids, I began to look at the ingredients on things. I remember being shocked at the amount of ingredients in bread crumbs, and made the effort to make my own. Funny thing is that in the UK the bread crumbs are simply made from yeast, flour and water…just what you’d expect. Where as in Australia …

Refried Beans

A few years ago a tradition began between my sister and I. It was called ‘nacho night’ and it usually involved watching a dvd, drinking red wine and eating nachos. Sounds good right? Well, it was, which is why we still do it. The country might have changed and the dvds might not be Twilight related anymore, but it’s still a nice way to spend a Friday night. When Old El Paso took their nacho kit off the market (in Sydney anyway) we tried many variations and brands and eventually settled upon the Old el Paso nacho topping which is …

Chocolate Guinness Cake

I thought I’d better set the scene for you. Of course a half a can of Guinness should never go to waste so I gave it a good home while I baked. I found this recipe on twitter, as it had featured recently in a magazine (Stylist to be specific). I saw it and knew I must have it. Even though I’d just been complaining to AT about my weight and even after we’d promised each other that I would not bake this week – I just knew I would not be able to end this day without making …

Top Five Recipe Books

I don’t normally do these top five lists. It’s something I do when I’m writing for money so the charm kind of wears off when it applies to me. However, I think I am ready to share with you my favourite recipe books. For a foodie (and blogger) I’m not a big recipe book collector or reader. These days I’ll search the internet for recipes. But when I come across something brilliant, and more than one brilliant recipe, then I will usually go and get the book.

Kylie Kwong’sSimple Chinese Chinese Cooking

Consistently fresh, flavoursome and yet light …

Salted Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

I was in the mood for something chocolaty-peanut-buttery and yet easy to make. Cookies is usually the way to go and I know they’ll get eaten by someone other than myself. I haven’t got a photo of the cookies as such, because to be honest, they look pretty bad. I wasn’t in the mood to shape or even pat them down. It was one of those afternoons. But I do highly recommend salting them as per the recipe. I only salted a few thinking it wouldn’t taste very good, but actually it is amazing. These cookies are great, otherwise I

My macaron poster

Just thought I’d share my beloved macaron poster with you all…I’ve had it for months, but now that we’ve moved I have decided to put it on the wall.

I got it when I was at a book signing at Pierre Herme’s shop in Belgravia for Foodepedia. There were free macarons involved and fans of this sort of thing would have been pistachio-green with envy. But truthfully I find his concoctions too complex for my taste. I must be a macaron peasant, a bon-bon bourgeoisie if you will.  And so if you’re wondering why the poster then? Well, another testament …

Baked Chicken and Lentils

With such simple ingredients and so many lentils, I suspected this recipe would be a little bland. But I am pleased to announced that it was not in the slightest bit. The aroma of thyme, wine and garlic coming from the oven was heavenly and the taste was hearty and flavoursome without being at all challenging – perfect comfort food. I love one-pan-wonders. And for those who care, it is very low GI with no starchy carbs just the good fibre and protein from the lentils and chicken and very filling.

This recipe says to stir in the spinach and …