Satay Chicken Pizza

Pizza has the potential to be incredibly divisive. There’s the pineapple situation. There’s the question of whether you put your cheese underneath or over the toppings. And of course there’s fusion pizza. It seems I’m a bit of a bandit for messing about with my pizza toppings… I love chicken and BBQ sauce, I love four cheese, and I love bacon and egg on pizza too. But my favourite fusion would have to be the satay chicken pizza, complete with brocoli and snow peas, cashews, spring onion and hoisin. Say what you like, call it an abomination, unnatural, tell me it’s unforgivable. And I might call you a pizza fascist and ask why you would close the door on deliciousness?

I used to have an Asian peanuty sauce in my fridge, but I don’t anymore, so I had to make my own damn sauce last night. But I’m kind of glad I did because it’s super easy and you can tweak the flavour to your taste. For the chicken you could grab a rotisserie bird at the shop or cook up your own breast meat. And yes, you put cheese on this pizza. I don’t know how it works but it just does, so don’t worry, just follow my instruction. If you can get your hands on a jar of Laoganma’s Chilli Crisp, then I strongly advise it. It goes in everything and isn’t too spicy. You can pretty much only get it in Chinatown though. And regarding the pizza base… I make my own using a standard pizza dough recipe but you can buy pretty great bases at the Italian Continental Stores in Maidenhead, and Crosta Mollica also make bases and raw dough.

Satay Chicken Pizza

Pizza base (either home made or bought)

cooked chicken, sliced
2 spring onions, sliced
cashews or peanuts, lightly crushed
some small florets of long stemmed brcoli
snow peas
hoisin sauce
mozzarella cheese, grated
peanut sauce

For the Peanut Sauce (Makes enough for about 2 pizzas):
3 x tbs peanut butter
2 tbs rice vinegar
1 tbs light soy
4-5 tbs water (or as needed)
1 tbs chilli sauce (Laoganma’s Chilli Crisp is best! or sriracha etc)

To make the sauce:
Combine everything in a pot and stir until heated through and as loose as you need it to be to spread over the pizza base. Just add water to thin it out.


To make your pizza, simply spread the peanut sauce on the base and top with the rest of the ingredients, with a swirl of hoisin on top.
Pop it in the oven, cook until it’s done.