Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Chocolate and Clotted Cream Truffles

I made truffles this year, just this afternoon actually, because I had a spare tub of Rodda’s Clotted Cream from a review I was doing for Foodepedia.  I was inspired by their recipes and even more inspired by their 101 Excuses to eat clotted cream. So here I am, covered in cocoa and feeling a little remorseful after my impulsive kitchen behaviour.

I normally stay away from either making or eating truffles. Call me a little odd but I don’t like the idea of all that handling….silly I know. So when I saw this idea on a Mexican cooking show recently, I was motivated to put this knew technique into action.

Instead of rolling your truffles, simply pour the mixture into a tin and cut the pieces into rustic cubes. Dust in cocoa as usual and voila. Truffles without all the fuss.

I’ll pop the recipe from Rodda’s website in here, as it is nice and simple, but feel free to get creative and add the things you love. I think cinnamon would make a lovely flavour you could pop in their, nice and subtle. Or for those oddballs who love chilli and chocolate, that could be something you try. Also you’ve got the usual suspects; finely grated orange rind, Bailey’s Irish Cream, any other form of alcohol, mixed spice, vanilla sugar….the possibilities are endless.

Clotted Cream Chocolate Truffle Recipe


200g dark chocolate

1 x tub of clotted or double ceam (approx 225g)

cocoa for dusting


Slowly in the microwave on a very low setting, melt the chocolate.

Stir in the cream.

Pour into a tin lined with paper.

Cut and dust.

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