No-Bake Mars Bar Slice

Look away now if you’re hoping for a healthy, nutritious recipe to help you shed pounds for a sensational summer bod. But stay tuned if you’re interested in a light, chocolatey snack and have always wanted to make your own version of the Mars Bar slice that you can buy at most supermarkets. I suppose it’s a little bit wholesome that you’re melting down the chocolate bars yourself. I tried making these once before and the recipe was complicated and terrible and they didn’t work out. My hopes were dashed that I’d ever enjoy the pleasures of robbing my kids of yet another store-bought treat. But, persistence is a virtue I hold dear, and I found a better, simpler recipe that works every time. All you need is 4 Mars Bars, some Rice Bubbles, butter and a block of chocolate.

You can top this simple slice with your favourite dark chocolate, milk chocolate or as I have done in this instance (as you’ll notice by the nubbly bits in the topping) a mixture of a Galaxy block and some Teaser Bars which I had in the cupboard. But don’t cheap out on the Rice Bubbles – the generic ones are never as good.

Mars Bar Slice Recipe

4 Mars Bars (or 195g)
75 g butter
3 cups of Rice Bubbles
200g chocolate

Line a rectangular swiss roll or slice tin with some baking paper.
Chop the Mars Bars into a pot with the butter and stir over low heat until it’s all simmering slowly. Use a whisk to beat the lumpy oily mess into submission.
Once you’ve got the smooth chocolate mix under control, throw in the Rice Bubbles and stir gently until thoroughly combined.
Pour into the slice tin and smooth with the back of a spoon.
Once it’s cooled, melt the chocolate (microwave always works for me) and pour it on top of the solidified Mars Bar mix. It’s ready eat as soon as the chocolate cools and hardens.