A Very Harry Birthday

My sister turned 30 on the weekend. A big moment in the life of a modern adult…a time for reflecting on what you’ve achieved so far and a time to consolidate and plan for what you’re yet to achieve. So for a serious milestone like this, I thought it only fitting to throw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my now big, little sister. Normally my mum, the family’s undisputed matriarch, would host the party, but she had to work, and with Dad back in Australia on business and my brother still back home, it was up to me and the boys to make it special .Without the presence of much of the family it wasn’t quite the same, all the decorations in the world can’t replace our loved ones.

It worked out ok I think. With a little planning and lots of colouring in and cutting out with the boys, we put together a spread that I think any Hogwart’s student would have approved of. I got lots of ideas online and from other people who had done similar things. The golden snitch Ferero Rochers were my favourite, and I took the idea further by using them to decorate the birthday cupcakes. We ordered Bertie Bott’s Every-flavoured beans online and KT could barely hold back the urge to eat a vomit flavoured jelly bean. I also ordered some frog moulds online to make Chocolate Frogs. KT kindly provided the wizard cards to go with.

We made a Hogwarts banner and laid a trail of spiders into the dining room. Candles were lit and seasonal Halloween decorations made it very easy to create the wizarding theme. LT got to usher in the birthday girl in his wizard hat, purple lantern and chopstick wand and the finishing touch was having the Harry Potter theme music playing on my computer. It was so much fun and I hope these ideas might help for any other fans to create their own Harry Birthday Party.