Sublime Steak and Cheese Sub

It’s not everyday you can make someone emotional with a sandwich. On the weekend I had some left over steak and offered to make steak sandwiches for the boys. So far, so what right? Everyone has their own take or secret to make the best steak sandwich but this was different. No trace of tomatoes or chutneys, sauces or lettuce. No questions of toasted or un-toasted bread.

The American’s have a name for this sandwich, and it’s called the Philly Cheese Steak. I only know this because I grew up watching a lot of American TV and this stuff sinks in like osmosis to a greedy guts like me. I’ve never made one before but I suspected they probably tasted good and when I suggested I make them for the family I was met with caution and narrowed eyes. No one wants their steak sandwich ruined.

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I’ll admit, that while I used a crappy baguette from some local grocery chain, the steak we had was good quality, which helps, but the real secret was the cheese and the onions. I couldn’t have guessed that the sweetness of the caramelised onions with the bite of the cheddar cheese spread would combine in such a way that it needed no ketchup, mustard or anything else to fill out or complete the taste.

Needless to say that my cheesy steak sandwiches went down with a unanimous thumbs up and hyperbole.

Steak and Cheese Sub
– Warm up or pan-fry thin slices of steak (rump/sirloin/fillet)
– 1 x sliced brown onion sauted with 1/2 tsp salt and 1 tsp sugar, plus a little white wine to loosen if it starts to burn in the pan.
– Seriously Strong cheddar cheese spread.
– 1 baguette roll

Spread both sides of the roll with the cheese spread, top with onions and steak slices. Give the heat of the onions and meat a minute or so to start melting the cheese and then go for it.