Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Good Coffee in London

Well, it’s been 6 months now and I have had the odd good coffee here in London. Bullet Coffee down the road does serve a good drop but it is a very fruity blend and doesn’t quite warrant the walk [lazy I know].

I have had a decent cup or two at Costas and even Pret Manger…but it’s not quite the same as  some of the really excellent coffees I’ve had in Sydney. Funnily enough they are only just catching on to the ‘cafe’ here. Cafes here are typically local little joints that sell fish and chips, burgers and full breakfasts – blue collar hang outs…(really cosy and typically English and I love them). But places like Monmouth are shooting up all over the place and I think they’re being well received. Apparently it’s all Kiwis and Aussie’s running these places, raising the standards of British coffee one cafe at a time.

I had heard the mention of a place called Monmouth Coffee, and I figured it’s just hype and hipster whispers and I probably don’t want to be there. But I recently met a friend there for a coffee, another Sydney-sider who misses the good stuff and I have to say that yes it was a hipster’s paradise, yes it was full of coffee wankers but yes it was also probably the best coffee I’ve had in London. The atmosphere is casual and crowded, a lot like Campos in Newtown.

We sat on a communal table which was terribly crowded and awkward, but we got over it. I don’t think the couple next us did however, they were silent the whole time they sat there. Something I really like here is the brown sugar all the places serve with the coffee. Big bowls of brown sugar that you can heap in at your leisure. It’s probably an OH&S non-compliance but I like it.  The waiters were nice and there were a lot bearded young men sipping lattes and using their laptops. The coffee was well priced, of a good size and I would go back there for all the right reasons. If it wasn’t so busy all the time it would be the perfect cafe in Soho.

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