Ricky Ricardo and Reposado

Today, it’s all about Christmas cocktails. This is an unusual recipe, and an unexpected flavour sensation, strictly for those who love the finer, more understated pleasures in life. If you’re after something bold and sweet like a Cosmopolitan, then look away because the Ricky Ricardo is smooth and subtle and guaranteed to make your Christmas party sizzle. While Christmas brings the colder weather, it invariably raises the indoor sweat-factor. Whether it’s at a pub, venue or someone’s house, once you’ve shut the door on the outside, inside soon becomes a veritable sauna of body heat and high-thermostat settings.

This tequila-based cocktail might be great for summer, but it’s even more ideal for the festive season because it is light and refreshing, the perfect foil to the richness of Christmas party food. Don’t be tempted to cheap-out on bargain-basement tequila. Buy the good stuff, and by that I mean look for the word ‘reposado’ on the label along with the phrase ‘100% blue agave’. The difference between reposado tequila and regular tequila is like the difference between Jim Beam and a fine single malt. The beauty of this cocktail is the availability of the ingredients and as long as you invest in a nice bottle of tequila, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying this drink in the midst of winter.

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Ricky Ricardo Cocktail Recipe
60ml (double shot) Reposado Tequila
30ml (one shot) Lime Juice
20 mls Agave Nectar
10 thin slices of cucumber
Pinch of salt
Soda Water

Combine lime juice, agave, 4 cucumber slices, 2 mint leaves, salt and muddle.
Add tequila, ice and short shake.
Strain into a glass over ice, garnish with cucumber slices, a few mint leaves and top with a splash of soda water.

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