Spicy Breakfast Beans

Sometimes, on a Saturday morning, I watch a whole lot of The Pioneer Woman episodes as I finish my breakfast. Being in a family, this means that someone is usually in earshot of Ree Drummond’s twang as she waxes lyrical about cowboys and ‘life on the ranch’ and on one particular occassion, AT was around as she cooked up a big ranch breakfast. There were hashbrowns, baked eggs and all sorts of goodies being made and of course he asked if I could make something ‘like that’, listing ingredients like green peppers and onions.

I’lI always try something once, and if it works for me, in terms of ease and availability of ingredients and if it actually tastes any good –  then it goes in the book. Breakfast beans is one of those recipes. I love the idea of home-made beans and I’ve tried in the past to make my own but they never seem as good (or as easy) as a can of Heinz.

All it takes is some onion, green pepper, bacon (or not if you’re vegetarian) and a judicious selection of spices and you too can whip up these hearty, flavour-packed breakfast beans. You could certainly use it as a base for baked eggs, but I like to dump it on a plate next to fried eggs.

Breakfast Beans Recipe

1 x green pepper, sliced
1 x onion, diced
2-3 rashers of bacon, chopped
A sprinkle (1/2 tsp – or more!) each of powdered garlic, cumin, turmeric, paprika, cayenne pepper (or chilli) and of course a little salt at the end.
1 x can of regular baked beans

Saute the onion, bacon and peppers together in a hot pan with a little olive oil.
Add the spices and fry them off until fragrant.
Add the beans and stir till everything is heated through and combined.

Serve with eggs how-you-like-them, and toast.