Talking about tomatoes…

OK, so we’ve established that when I’m anxious I blog. Today is no exception. I have just found out that my troubles with schooling is not over. Earlier this year, when we moved, I had to fight to get my kids into my local school. Fortunately I won, but it was an extremely stressful time for us. Apparently I have to apply for KT to attend the school affiliated with his current one.

Dear England,

Your school system is rubbish and you stress me out.


Anxious, E. Ter

So I’ve been thinking about tomatoes. They don’t always HAVE to go in a salad. I am one of those people who usually puts everything that’s notĀ  rotten into my lunch time salads. But, I have realised that throwing everything into a salad is not always the best approach. For instance, I made a red salmon salad yesterday and on pondering I realised that tomatoes don’t really go. Instead I put in less juicy items including shredded carrot, beets, lettuce and cucumber and of course, creamy dressing (low fat of course). I didn’t miss the tomato at all, in fact it was better without it. (sorry tomatoes, I still love you).

This really goes for any ingredient. It’s all about judgement. Sometimes cucumber just doesn’t work, sometimes it might be carrot or beetroot or the variety of lettuce. My point is after years of just arbitrarily throwing tomatoes in every salad I made, I have now realised that it’s not best practice. In fact, sometimes the simplest salads are the best, I’m thinking now about a spinach, pecan, pear and goat’s cheese salad. That needs nothing more (except dressing). Or how about a rocket, walnut, roast tomato and ParmesanĀ  salad. Perfection – even without cucumber.

I took this photo last year at the famous Borough Markets in London.