Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Shortbread Rosettes

I have a dead line.

I need to find the best shortbread recipe in time for Christmas. Want to give pre-school teachers a little bag of thank you and I thought home made rosettes of butter, flour and sugar might do the trick.

I tried a few recipes.

I failed a few times.

But moving on, it seemed I would never find that elusive blend of texture and flavour. Just the right amount of crumble and crisp. Must look good.

I tried Martha Stewart and I tried the internet, but in the end I went for the Woman’s Weekly Butterscotch Shortbread recipe.

Not the first time the ol’ WW has bailed me out of a tight spot.

Butterscotch Shortbread Recipe


250g softened butter

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup brown sugar (firmly packed)

2 cups plain flour

Oven at 180C


Beat butter, vanilla and sugar until light and creamy.

Stir in flour and mix to a soft dough.

Spoon mixture into piping bag and pipe rosettes about 3cm apart on a lined baking tray.

Bake for about 12 minutes or until golden brown.

Cool on the tray.

Makes about 35

Notes on the recipe

I made another version (more traditional flavour) of these biscuits using caster sugar instead of the brown sugar. No problems there. Can be done.

Here’s the thing – let the mixture warm up a bit in the piping bag before you try to pipe the mixture, otherwise you – like me – will end up with RSI in your piping hand. It is really difficult to squeeze the mixture out straight away, but as the butter melts it gets easier.

These last for ages…I think I had them lying around for about a week when I made them.

You could decorate them by popping a little cachou or mini m&m on the top.

I popped them in a cello bag and tied with some ribbon.

I forgot to take pics of the finished gift bagies, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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