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Bateaux Cruises: Windsor

Bateaux Cruises: Windsor

For most folks, life these days feels busy. Busier than it ever felt before. I blame the Internet for everything; for making life feel so hectic, applying pressure to be and say and do and share all the time and it piles up incrementally until […]

The Poor Knights of Windsor

A little while back Green & Black’s  organic chocolate invited me out to Windsor for their pop-up stall as part of their Taste Tour. Sadly I couldn’t make it, so instead they sent me some chocolate and a recipe to create my own little food event at […]

Bristol Fashion

In the last school holidays I took a whirlwind trip to Bristol with my sister. With a few stops on the way to pick up a tiny accordion, have a salt-scrub and enjoy a large glass of rose on the wrong side of midday; we were perfectly poised […]