Local Food Hero: Daniel

I could never bring myself to pay over £20 for a garlic press. Even £11 seems steep to me, and this is because I’ve owned expensive garlic presses in the past and they’ve never been very good. I have one criteria for the perfect press and that’s no removable parts. Not easy to find let me tell you. However, after scouring Windsor for this humble kitchen tool, I was frankly surprised that I would find exactly what I was after at Daniel. They had a few to choose from which is impressive for a small department store and I found a robust garlic press for £8. I don’t even have to peel the garlic, which is one of my most detested food prep jobs – so it was win/win and smiles all round. But that’s not the only reason that Daniel in Windsor makes it onto my Local Food Hero list.


It’s no secret that I like cakes and sweet treats. And my most favourite tea-time snack will usually come from a patisserie. Whether it’s an almond croissant or a tart of some sort, I’ll always find something hard to resist at a bakery. But to my dismay, suburban England doesn’t do bakeries. You might be lucky to have a village bakery/cafe, but in these parts, fresh bread and bakery delights from anywhere but a chain store are unheard of. I was so excited when a French patisserie opened in Windsor and they were actually pretty good, but they have since closed down and I think I know why. Deep in the bowels of Daniel’s luxurious three story site lies La Croisette, a patisserie that bakes fresh pastries, cakes, donuts and delicious things every day. And they’re not average, they’re really very good. They sell pink-iced buns that are as big a small child’s head and their donuts are better than anything you’ll get at Greggs or M&S. Plenty of seating, a very decent cup of coffee, good prices and the best baked fayre this side of London is what makes Daniel my local food hero this week.